Entry 1#: I am a scientist named Joseph Druman. I have worked on the brain and on minds. I also have a Ph.D in the topic too, yet I am a moderate writer. I am taking a trip to help some people in Disney. I don't get why they need me for this, but there is a big pay and the trip is free.

Entry 2#: Just got to the park, being under construction will make it hard to get around. The thing is, they want me to come to a basement? For what cause is this, maybe blueprints for some sort of ride? I will continue this soon after the meeting.

Well, they talked. I'm not allowed to share anything important but I will say a bit. There is a room that crossed my mind and they said it was for attacks. Due to the recent scares, this room has been made to defend. I have no idea when an actual defense will happen, but anyhow, back to work.

For some unknown reason pages are missing from the journal up until Entry 15#, but it may be more work talk and life.

Entry 9#: Today I am about to leave. Most have been done but they say they don't need help. The park has been finished for a while now and, sadly, I forgot about this journal. I left it here at the park one night an-

Entry 10# The alarm is going, I have no idea what's going on. The park had been full of people, we had been shoving to get to the bomb shelter. The thing is, the light is dying and it's cold.

Now there is people yelling, somebody had yelled about some person hitting him in the face. Now it is utter madness and somebody just made me drop my pe/\/\/\__

Journal has just been found. It was lying outside of the closed chamber. How it got out here is unknown. But I am sending back, with this journal, evidence. Its a doll with a Mickey... mask.

(This was a spinoff from Slimebeast's Room Zero creepypasta. Thanks for the scares -Troy)

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