Discord's Just Desserts

One fine morning, after waking up bright and early in the Golden Oak Library, Twilight and Spike went out for a stroll around Ponyville.

"Oh, Spike. Isn't it just wonderful today?" Twilight asked Spike.

"You bet, Twilight. Like no other day," Spike replied.

Twilight and Spike both smiled as they headed out for their decent walk. Suddenly, Discord appeared out of nowhere right in front of Twilight and Spike.

"Why, good morning to you, Twilight and Spike!" Discord greeted them in his loud, obnoxious voice.

"Oh. Uh, hi, Discord," Twilight slowly replied. She and Spike had not known he was going to pop up in their faces.

"How's it goin'?" said Spike.

"Oh, splendid! Just splendid! I thought I would go for a little walk myself!" said Discord.

Immediately, Discord snapped his fingers and caused flowers to sprout out of the ground and start dancing with legs. Twilight and Spike were shocked.

"Hey! Cut that out!" Twilight yelled at Discord.

"But this is phenomenal!" Discord said. He was really enjoying his stupid shenanigans.

Twilight just glared at him, making him relent.

"Oh, very well," said Discord, and he snapped his fingers and poofed the flowers back to normal.

"Thanks," said Spike.

"You are welcome," replied Discord. However, like the idiot he is, he snapped his fingers and caused the trees to droop and caused the leaves to turn into apples.

"Hey! I said cut it out! We're just trying to go for a little walk here!" Twilight scolded.

"Come on, Twilight! Live a little!" said Discord.

"I said...!" Twilight glared.

Rolling his eyes, Discord replied, "All right." and turned the trees back to normal.

"Discord, I swear, one more trick and you are gonna regret it!" Twilight threatened him, raising her hoof.

Laughing, Discord said, "Oh, all right. Geez, you are so serious."

"Thanks," said Spike.

Discord nodded and joined Twilight and Spike on their walk. While Twilight shook her head, Spike just went along with it. Twilight could not believe how much of a nuisance Discord could really be. Suddenly, Twilight felt something was not right with the ground. She looked down and was shocked to see that the ground was now ice. She and Spike went sliding.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" they shouted in unison.

This made Discord burst out laughing. "Oh, you should see the looks on your faces! You are hysterical!"

Discord fell onto the floor, laughing his head off and rolling around while holding his stomach. This was all funny to him.

Getting up from the ground, Twilight glared angrily at Discord as he was laughing. He then stood up and noticed the angry look on Twilight's face.

"Why the angry eyes?" he asked.

Twilight did not answer; she just kept staring at Discord with hate.

"What is the matter, Twilight? Cat got your tongue?"

Twilight still did not answer.

"Knock knock! Anypony home?" Discord said as he knocked on Twilight's skull. By now, Twilight was having seething anger, huffing and puffing. She was now about a hair away from punching him in the face. Deep in the recesses of her brain, a tiny red-hot little flame began to grow.

"I see you staring at me, but no words are coming out," he said.

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" She had had enough. Finally, Twilight screamed and tackled Discord to the ground. She then proceeded to beat up Discord in a blind fury. A fuse blew and she had gone out of her skull.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!", Discord cried as he tried to shield his face from Twilight's hooves. Having never expected something like this to happen, Spike was shocked and he just stood there for a second before finally running to get their friends.

Twilight kept hitting Discord and while fighting him, started to shout out words.

"You dork, no-good, stinkin' nothing!" she shouted.

Twilight was filled with so much adrenaline and rage that she ended up knocking off both of Discord's horns.

"My horns!" Discord cried.

Twilight kept shouting and hitting and she even knocked out Discord's exposed fang, causing it to fall beside him, with a bloodstain on it. She knew how much horror, sadness, and pain he was in, but she did not care. Twilight kept hitting her hooves on that mutated jerkhole, hard hoof after hard hoof on him. She sure as heck felt good beating the crud out of him, after all those times of him annoying her and her best friends, and ESPECIALLY that time when he attempted to conquer all of Equestria and corrupt her and her best friends, as well as everypony in the entire UNIVERSE!!! Even thinking back to that day when he was attempting to act like a pathetic freaking tyrant around her and the others made her angry.

"What a complete joke!" she thought. "Like he seriously ever really WAS the 'ruler' of Equestria anyhow." Twilight, for one, would never, ever, ever buy that story, not even for one mere millisecond. "Discord has nothing, NOTHING, worthy of being a ruler. He has no qualities or traits that have anything to do with royalty. All he does is pull dumb pranks on people for no good reason and he thinks he is so cool and funny. Thinks he can 'pull the strings' on people and trick people. He even has the nerve to call himself the 'Lord/Master of Chaos'! Joke, joke! He is a joke! Nothing but a big old stupid joke! Lame, lame, lame, lame, lame! Who does he think he is?" With every lick she came down, she thought about all the times he had been mean and those puns and antics and she hated it, she ABSOLUTELY hated it, and she beat the total heck out of him.

After constant yelling and punching, Spike returned with their friends. Immediately, Fluttershy flew over to Twilight.

"Twilight! Twilight, Twilight! Twilight! Please!" Fluttershy exclaimed as she pulled Twilight off and Discord was crying in pain.

"Twiliiight! Twilight! Twilight!" Fluttershy said. "What are you doing?!"

Then she noticed Twilight shedding tears of frustration.

"Come on, Twilight. We're going home. Come on," said Spike as he took Twilight by the hoof and they walked back home. Twilight's friends just stood there in shock as Fluttershy came by Discord's side.

"Discord? Are you okay?" Fluttershy asked worriedly.

Discord coughed out, "Your... friend... has... issues." as he passed back out, breathing heavily.

"She needs help," Rainbow Dash blurted out.

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