The Disappearances

This is a story about some disappearances in a little town. But police found a diary in a bloody closet, and read it.

What It Said

(1/15 6:37) I now have my own diary to write in,

(1/15 6:38) So for anyone who is reading this, i'm just a thirteen year old boy who likes to play video games, but I also like to spend time with my family. Anyway my mom is calling me down, so i'll be back.

(1/15 6:50) Sorry, I had to eat dinner, I thing i'm going to sleep now, its exciting because i'm going to a new school. I will write in this while i'm in class.

(1/16 7:40) The bell just rang, and there's a lot of kids, like maybe a thousand at this school. Maybe not that much, but somewhere around that number.

(1/16 8:50) You know... Most of the people in there were kind of quiet. Not all of them, but a lot of them looked... A little sad. Even the teacher looked sad.

(1/16 2:19) I forgot to mention, this is a new neighborhood, so I was also excited for that. But so far the trip home on the bus was only, slightly loud.

(1/17 3:28) Its gotten even worse, my dad hasn't came home last night... Why?

(1/25 9:36) Kids are starting to not show up at the school, are they sick? Or did something happen to them...

(1/30 9:40) My dad still hasn't shown up, and more and more people are gone. I used to see people walk across the street every now and then. But now I rarely see one walk down.

(1/31 1:04) This guy outside of the fence at recess was staring at me... I don't know why though. There is a substitute today, as well.

(1/31 2:50) A cop came at the door, and said that fifteen children and a teacher, were gone. They haven't been seen after the end of school. My mom asked if there was a missing husband. They said they would put it on the list of Disappearances. My mom shut the door after saying she didn't see anyone suspicious.

(2/1 2:40) I came home to my parents being gone. They were usually home during this time. I'm getting worried. What if something happened to them.

(2/1 3:00) I hear banging at my windows.

(2/1 3:03) I heard a shatter! i'm going in my closet.

(2/1) I don't know what time it is, i can't tell...

(2/1) He's calling out to me... he's saying: "I won't hurt you little child."

(2/1) I think he's outside my door.

(2/1) Please... help me!

What Happened

The family of three were all missing, along with the other victims. The kidnapper's house was eventually found, and when the police busted in, there was a disgusting stench. The cops came to the basement door, and opened it. Inside, the ripped and mangled corpses of men, women, and children. The cops don't talk about what they saw to this very day. All they ever said was: "We found them, but not alive." The kidnapper was not seen again after that. One could only assume so much. But he might still be out there. Till then, we might have to wait until his next victim.

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