Summer is the best time for garage sales, one day last summer, I found an old guy selling anime VHS tapes and DVDs. Most of them overpriced, but the old guy went, "I bet you didn't come to buy this, Digimon - The Unseen Episode, Deal of the Weekend, only known copy in existence, only 99 cents, even I haven't opened it!"

I decided to buy it, and when I put the Tape in my VCR, My life was never the same.

The video begins right away with no FBI warning, no 20th Century Fox Logo, no previews with the kids flying into the black void, with the letters coming in my face, but this time the letters spelt something:

"Go Away Now"

The Digimon that were in-training Digivolved as normal, only in more demonic forms (like Agumon being dark blue, having horns like the devil, and red glowing eyes, and Gabumon having larger fangs, devilish wings, and a blood red coat) The intro was twisting and turning, with the theme reversing, distorting, and changing pitch just like a Youtube Poop. When the Digimon Logo appeared, the individual pixels started falling off the logo and harmed the Digidestined, the kids were screaming in pain like it was real.

The Digidestined were sailing in a sea of blood, TK was choking Kari over what seemed to be nothing, Sora was having a seizure, and Joe was spinning his head without touching it. Mat suggested they should take everyone to the hospital. Considering there weren't any hospitals in the digital world that the kids knew of, they decided to go to a huge white building that the kids thought was a hospital. The screen faded to black for two seconds indicating a commercial break.

When they got to the building, the walls were trying to eat the kids, The people were sinking into the floor like it was quicksand. Salamanders were coming from the cracks of the walls and floors, just eating the kids flesh bit by bit. Agumon was told to digivolve into Greymon. When he Digivolved, he melted into a pile of red fluid. Tai put on his goggles and one of his eyes popped out of his head through one of the lenses, leaving a load of blood where his eye used to be, dripping to his foot. Gabumon Was told to warp digivolve to MetalGarurumon. When he did he was rusting and ate Mat whole in gulp. Trying to fire missiles at the building, he ends up killing TK and Kari.

Lillymon and Garudamon appear and pretty much beat Joe, Izzy, Gomamon, and Tentomon to death. Sora got shot by Mimi with a .44 Magnum. Mimi tells the Digimon that the building's going to blow in five minutes, but they keep getting sucked into floor, and when the building explodes, before we could find out who made the building blow up, the TV changed to what I like to call the snow channel, when the TV displays black, white, and grey pixels.

I tried to eject the tape, pressed the stop button, pressed the rewind button, but nothing worked, so I decided to wait for the tape to rewind itself, but when it did, the tape was gone, not the VCR, Not in the box, nowhere. No wonder they call it the Digimon Unseen Episode, because it can't be unseen.

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