I really enjoyed the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. I always found the series to interesting and enjoyable. So I went to the library and went to find a new Diary of a t looked strange. It was black and read, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid GAME OVER". It had a picture of Greg, the main protagonist, looking at the floor, sad with tears in his eyes. I thought this was a little strange, but I got it. I had a card, so I was able to get it for free for a limited of time. Boy, I wish I've never done that.

It's been a long time since I read it, so I can't remember every word that was on there, but I will give a synoptic of it. It was mainly Greg, talking about how much he hated his life, how mostly bad things happen to him, and his desire to just end it all. As the book goes on, the text and drawings look like as if Greg was just scribbling in his diary. In the last day of the diary, the text was WAY too scribbled to read, however, I was able to tell what the images were about.

The 1st image was a picture of Greg, finding a cartoony revolver on the floor. The 2nd image was a picture of Greg and Rowley, however, for some reason, Rowley was blindfolded and Greg had a face of sorrow and was holding the gun from earlier. The last image was the most disturbing out of all of them. It was a close up of Greg, with his eyes watery and closed. With the gun pointing at him. There was crude text above him saying, "Goodbye...". And... that was it. That was the end of the book.

Questions were flowing around my head. "What was this?" "Did Greg kill himself?" "Was this just a messed up joke?" I returned the book after reading it. I decided to tweet to Jeff Kinney, the creator of the series, to see if this was real, or just fan made. About a hour later I got a reply from him saying, "OK. So first of all, how the hell did you find this? Listen. I am very sorry about this. I made this book because I was sick of creating so many of these books because I wanted to move on to new things in life. So when I released the book, I ended up getting a lot of people pissed of because the book was disturbing, how it was confusing, and all of that. What I don't get is that how you told me about the messed up writing. I made the writing completely normal. I don't know why the writing and drawings were distorted, but I could be that someone took a pencil and scribbled over the writing. Once again, I am very sorry about all of this. Best wishes, Jeff Kinney.".

I went back to the library a few days later to try to find the book again, but it was gone. I guess they took every copy they had of the book and thrown it out. If you find this book, I would say something like "Don't read it:, but if your curious enough to read it, go on right ahead. Im not here to stop you. You do you.

Author's Note: Now hold on, Before you start bitching in comments saying that this story is bad, this is not meant to be taken seriously. Why do you think this is in the humor articles category? I pretty much wrote this because I was bored. Feel free to criticize this story in the comments, but please don't criticize me as it is just childish and rude.

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