I had just got home from middle school (May, 11, 2013) And was exited to see DanTDM's new video. Two were uploaded, weird because this was back when he only uploaded once a day. The first video caught my eye - a strange title.

Video 1097783442.

I was curious, and I thought that I should watch that video first because it may have been an accident and would be deleted soon. I clicked on it. It was 2 seconds old with 23 views (remember that Dan was less popular back then).

This is the part I don't wanna talk about - what I saw in the video.

It was exactly one minute long - and I remember every second of it.

The first 5 seconds was a blank screen, then it faded into Dan's face. He looked sad. His eyes quickly faded black, making him not sad anymore, but kinda expressionless. We were now 13 seconds into the video when it started flashing Dan's face, but horribly deformed, and a random image of a blood splatter. Screaming noises in the background too.

The images were (very) quickly flashing back and forth with the screaming noises that made me feel very uneasy. It stopped at about 22 seconds. I was breathing like a dog panting who had just ran 10 miles.

The next 20 seconds was Dan's face, his expressionless look with black eyes, and the whole 20 seconds was blood slowly dripping out of Dan's black eyes, and his mouth slowly twisting up in an terrifying grin, his face getting quickly deformed - and a young girl's giggling in the background.

That stopped at 42 seconds. Then up until 56 seconds, about a dozen hands ripped and tore at Dan's skin. As if that wasn't bad enough, they tore and ripped at his muscles too.

Now all he was a grinning skeleton covered in blood. The rest of the video was the skull drowning in blood.

I was not scared, not terrified. But I was mortified! Absolutely mortified. I just about peed myself because, god... I was mortified.

I clicked out of the video, and I was right. It was deleted.

I headed to the bathroom before my bladder exploded (and my underwear)!

I looked at myself in the mirror and I found something that I had not had the last time I used the bathroom. (The last time I used it was before I watched the video.) A big smiley face on my back. Not written in marker, nor a piece of paper taped to my back, nor blood.

My skin was torn off into a face shape.

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