"Yay! Rainbow Dash is finished!"

Pinkie Pie stood there proudly at her beautiful creation. It was Rainbow Dash, but stitched all back up (except for her cutie mark, of course). She snipped of the last bit of thread to Rainbow Dash's nose. "Good as new!"

"How do you feel, Rainbow?" Rainbow Dash sat there, leaning up against the wall, but Pinkie had stitched her mouth so that it was more of a gaping smile; that way, it wasn't so negative around here. "Well, that's good! Glad you feel a little bit better! Sorry I couldn't put back most of your organs." Rainbow's deformed "body" slid off the wall into a puddle of blood after some of the stitches ripped open.

"Why won't you stay put?" Pinkie asked after picking up a bloody rag and washing up some blood.

"Hello? Is anyone in? Hellooooo? Pinkie?" Twilight Sparkle called out, repeatedly dinging the bell on the desk. Twilight heard banging up the stairs from the "basement." The chipped wooden door opened as Pinkie Pie strolled out, looking better then ever. "Oh thank Equestria you're open! I need a special order made!"

"Okay, Twilight, what might that be?" Pinkie asked.

"I need you to make one portion of medical Purplepuff Pie for Spike! He is really ill!"

Pinkie stood smiling. After a brief pause, Pinkie agreed. "Okay Twilight, I will go downstairs and get the ingredients, but remember; don't come down! I will be back in a jiffy."

Twilight agreed as Pinkie slowly walked back towards the cellar and slammed the wooden door. Twilight heard the echoing of the footsteps getting quieter and quieter.

Seven minutes passed. Twilight was getting impatient; she really needed to help Spike!

"...Pinkie? Can you know...hurry up? Please?" No reply.

Twilight just heard small banging noises and whispering. Twilight was getting nervous and edgy. She wanted to go downstairs, but remembered Pinkie Pie's warning not to. But what harm could it bring? It is to help a fellow citizen of Ponyville.

Twilight edged her way over to the door. The banging was starting to get louder and louder and louder and louder as Twilight walked closer. She arrived at the door and a small shiver flowed through her. A small breeze creaked open the door. It was way too dark, she couldn't see her own hooves. She kept squinting to try and see the first step. Even though she couldn't see, she took her first step. And slipped.

She rolled, tumbled and banged down the stairs. She was in so much pain. She couldn't make out anything in the room. Just the words "Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. I told you to stay upstairs didn't I? Hahahahaha......"

"Now you'll go through the same you're old friend Rainbowda-" Twilight fainted out of a concussion she got from the stair fall. "Wow." said Pinkie in surprise "I didn't even have to use a cupcake on her. Well that means more for my next victim!"

Twilight woke up to see Rainbow Dash. "Dash! Do you know where I am!" Rainbow Dash just sat there. "Dash! why am I all chained up to th-" Pinkie Pie interrupted. "Because I felt like changing it up this time! I usually use strap to get you stuck, unable to move up to the wall. But I did chain for a special friend!" As Pinkie lectured about strap against chain, she noticed how dead Rainbow Dash looked. then she noticed some stuff. No cutie mark, stains of blood on her fur. This wasn't Rainbow Dash! This was just dead Rainbow Dash stitched back together as Pinkie's play toy.

"What in Celestia is wrong with you you maniac!" tears poured down Twilight's eyes. "Shut up and let me get the process started ya' silly billy!" said Pinkie pie in the freak way of hers. "This will only hurt alot!" she grabbed a saw.

"Don't worry, I'll tell jokes to make the process easier for a wimp like you!" Pinkie giggled. "As long as the jokes don't make you horny!" she said as she chopped of Twilight's horn. She screamed with pain. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! IF YOU DON'T LET ME GO, ILL USE MAGIC!" screamed Twilight. "Sorry Twilight, but even the amazing Twilight Sparkle can't do that!" said Pinkie "And I knew you were gonna use magic sometime! So I just had to get you away from your horn first!"

She shoved her bloody scalpel straight into Twilight's stomach. Twilight roared with fear and pain. "I know how I can make you feel better! If I taught you to play organ!" said Pinkie as she dissected her internal organs. " I also know how to make cupcakes from a pan-creas!" said Pinkie as she pulled out Twilight's pancreas. "Did I ever tell you I always thought Spike was a Cutie!" said Pinkie as she ripped of Twilight's cutie mark. She noticed Twilight had fainted.

"Well." said Pinkie "Twilight only lasted 20 minutes! What a failure!" a tear dropped down Pinkie's eye as she noticed what she has been doing to her dear friends. She wiped the tear away. "Bye Twilight!" she dug her knife into Twilight's neck as she giggled and stitched her back together, thinking of jokes to use on her next victim.