I don't have much time to type this.

All you need to know about me is my name is Cole, I'm 16 years old... and... I'm what would be called a proxy.

A proxy does many things. They kill, they find victims, they make victims, & they can become victims. I do two of those jobs. I help my mistress find victims & I give them the qualities they need to make them her victims.

I am only needed when her job is slow. I still can't take it anymore. I know that she'll have me kill eventually. She may even kill me.

I should tell you how this all started.

I was 14 when I met her. Her name is Kellie. She portrayed herself as a kind-hearted girl, despite her odd appearance. Red eyes, black hair. Pale skin, with a smoky tint. By smoky I mean it was a bit dark. Her voice was like a melody, mixed with a raw feeling, as if she struggled to speak.

I found out why. She had climbed into a boiler & burned to death, being poisoned by carbon dioxide at the same time. Knowing this made me feel bad for her.

She told me about her life when she was alive. It was quite sad, a controlling & abusive mother. An abusive father that was barely there. She'd had a dream to be an author, her mother told her not to follow it, that it was pointless. The sad thing is, it was all true. It was not the ploy to gain my trust.

I'd had a similar life to her. Neglectful parents that watched my brother beat on me & treat me like shit. My dreams were crushed too.

I'd wanted to be a musician, no not like that pussy Beiber or that Direction band. I used my anguish to fuel my songs, and find the right guitar cords. My dream died fast when my brother found a song about how I wish he'd die & burn in hell. He burned my guitar & music the kicked the shit out of me.

Kellie promised to make my problems go away as long as I help her with hers. I agreed, not giving a second thought or even asking what the problems were. I wish I had.

I didn't hear from her for a year.

Then I met Angelle. She was beautiful. I'd met her in lunch, she was in a few of my classes at the beginning of the day though,I'd barely payed attention to her.

The night after Kellie decided to finally pay a visit. She told me that I had to get close to Angelle and she'd get rid of my family troubles. I didn't know what she'd meant. All I knew is that my family would be gone.

The weekend came & I stayed a Angelle's for a night, we'd watched some movies, and drawn on her sleeping brother's face. I had fun, she had fun. The next day we went for a walk, Angelle told me about a dream she had. I knew she'd been talking about Kellie. I told her not to worry about it. As I expected when we got back to her house, my mother had called. She wanted me home. My brother was dead.

Over the next month Angelle and I started dating, but I noticed a change. Angelle was becoming harsher. I was becoming happier.

Kellie killed my parents. I moved in with Angelle and her family to avoid moving in with my grandmother, who lived 3 hours away.

Angelle became more aggressive. I finally realized what was going on. My negative energy had corrupted her, her positive energy purified me. Kellie was the cause of it. I wish I could've stopped it. Angelle too was killed.

I loved Angelle, I really did. Its my fault she is gone.

Kellie didn't let me get close to her victims after that. She decided to make me the target. I had no choice but obey or I'd be killed too. she used me as bait.

I know soon she will get bored. She's make me kill. I know she will. She's kill me. Well she would.

This is where my story ends, I have a pistol next to me. I don't want anyone else to be hurt because of me.

But... beware of the girl with red eyes, black hair & smoky pale skin.

It's not that easy Cole... Even in death. I still own you. Your game is not over.

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