Closed Doors

I never really believed in ghost, but I may have found one. I was in my apartment alone, with most of the lights off. I hated that but I didn't bother to turn them back on, and I will admit I was a bit scared of the dark.

I then saw that... the door across the hallway was slowly opening. This creeps me out and I go to shut it, I do the closet door in the hallway swings open and slams into my head and I fall unconscious. I wake up to consent banging noises and a feeling on my feet.

ALL of the doors in the house were opening and closing even the backdoor was, and the closet door was slamming into my foot over and over again. I backed away and covered my ears, I was starting to cry, the noise was unbearable.

When my parents got home I was on the floor crying, they asked me what was wrong and they said I must of had a nightmare. After I was better I saw that all of the doors were closed, what was weird was that some of the doors couldn't shut easily. I don't know what happened at the end of the day, If I did have a nightmare or had paranoia... I don't know, all I know is that I saw it happen and i'm afraid it will happen again.

Creepy Door by macgyvering my way
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