Andrew and Cassie

It was a bright sunny day at a local orphanage. As the sun shone through a window, two children woke up. Andrew and Cassie were twins, seven years old and lost both of their parents when they were infants. Andrew inherited his appearance from his dead uncle, and Cassie got hers from her mom. They went downstairs to play with their friends.

Later that day, they saw a figure that scared them. They only got to see his head, he had black hair, skin as white as snow, eyes bordered in black, and a smile carved into his face. They complained to a caretaker that they saw a scary figure. They described everything they saw.

"Oh my gosh..." Was all the caretaker said before saying they needed a nap.

Napping didn't help, that figure was in their dream. There was a woman chained to a table and a message they couldn't read on the wall. The figure was holding two infants, both crying, as he ran into his house. Not long after, the sound of someones footsteps could be heard from outside. Both children wanted to hold the babies, scared of what he would do. The figure put them in a bedroom that an eleven year old would have. The last thing they heard was him speaking.

"Stop crying. Or the two of you can go to sleep." The figure said.

Both woke up to screaming. They ran and saw a boy who picked on them a lot, he had been gutted. His organs were everywhere. His eyes had been gouged out. Every child in the room either threw up or fainted. Andrew and Cassie were lead to another room by a caretaker.

"Kids, let me tell you something about your father. He isn't dead." She said.

"Then where is he?" Andrew asked.

"He's alive. But he is a bad person. You were found in his brothers room in his old house. We kept it a secret form the two of you." The caretaker said. Andrew and Cassie didn't do anything for the rest of the day.

The next day, they awoke to find themselves bound and gagged to the bed in their dream. They squirmed and tried to break free. It was hopeless. The figure came in, he was holding a knife covered in blood. They balled their eyes out.

"Sssshhh, it's OK children, Daddy's here." The figure said before ripping the gags off their mouths. Not caring about the knife, Cassie spit in his eye.

"Meanie. This hurts." Cassie said as she squirmed in her handcuffs.

"You know, you shouldn't spit on anyone. Even they are a meanie." He said as he put his knife in her mouth.

"LEAVE HER ALONE!" Andrew shouted.

"You're just like your mother. She didn't really like me." He said. Andrew kicked him in the gut. He fell to the floor laughing.

"Who are you?" Andrew asked.

"My name is Jeff. Call me Daddy," Jeff said. Both children screamed, "ssshh, just go to sleep." Jeff said. No, he didn't kill them, he just whacked them unconscious.

From then on, the children lived with Jeff. They would help him kill sometimes. But they didn't know it was bad until their own father nearly did it to them.

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