Emma was a small girl, she was the prime pick for bullies, a few stood up for her, none bothered to help after that though. Dispirit her urges for blood, and cravings for death, she was a kind girl. But really, inside she was dying more then anything.

"Local town, West fort has been hit with a deadly accident this month, fifteen year old, Emma Stephen went on a 'killing spree' during a few weeks in the hospital." The news reporter on the T.V began. "More news will be put after this break."

The young boy sat on the couch, staring at the T.V as the commercials went on.

"Headlines of U.S.A brought down to a terrifying story. Emma Stephen an fifteen year old girl, murdered over ten people in her area, each one of them missing their eyes, and arms. Josh has more information on the story." The blonde said, ruffling her papers. "Ah thank you, Johanna. The headlines state that, Emma Stephen was in the hospital for a few weeks after an mental attack at him, neighbors say they heard tons of laughing come from the Stephen's house, with Mrs. Stephen running outside screaming for help. Police arrived at the scene to find Mrs. Stephen's right hand missing, as she said she was trying to stop her daughter from trying to murder her father. Police released that Emma Stephen was put into an asylum weeks before the accident in their home, saying that she's been talking to herself in a corner, holding onto a ripped bunny rabbit." The reporter finished, showing a picture of a girl, around the age fifteen with dyed hot pink hair, wearing a Gothic dress, with grayish black lace around her arms, and high top boots.

Emma stumbled over the papers in her room, rushing over to her desk, it was her 15th birthday, and she already felt terrible. Month due papers for an assignment sat on her desk, scattered with the hint of a musty smell of rotting food. She gave a sigh, pulling the papers up from the desk, holding them by her chest. She breathed in walking towards the door before she fell backwards, her dad pulling into the room.

"You're principle called today, reporting that the teacher, Ms. Turner said that you're papers were late, again." he growled, pushing her onto the ground.

"It's not my fault... Snicker's doesn't like her...." Emma muttered, looking over to her bed where the yellow bunny sat on.

She crawled over to it before her dad stomped his foot onto the ground, causing the floor to shake.

"Stop acting stupid, Emma." her father hissed, taking the bunny rabbit before she could reach it.

She screamed, twisting back and forth, trying to get the toy out from his grip.

"You're acting stupid, you little brat. It's a toy, you're fifteen leave it the hell alone." he hissed, kicking Emma backwards.

Emma screamed, yelping in pain as she hit the small light stand, falling onto the ground.

".. Go to bed, I don't want to see you're damn face." he said, slamming the door, causing the whole top floor to shake.

Emma didn't bother to sleep. She was sitting in the corner of her room, right by the window. Twisting back and forth, while rocking back and forth, humming a small tune. Her eyes were wide, as she was pinching her arm, smiling widely.

"... Snicker, snicker.." she mumbled, looking up at the ceiling.

She got up slowly, opening the busted door slowly, making small creaking noises. It seemed to have been 11 in the night, which her father was probably downstairs, drinking with her mother, or something. She kept walking along the wooden floor, tip toeing down the stairs past the kitchen into the living room. She looked around, before spotting the toy on her father's work desk, it seemed to be missing it's arms, and one eye. Tears welling in her eyes, she shook her head before heading back up the stairs, walking back towards her room. Resting the toy on her dresser she looked into the mirror.

".. Papa doesn't love Emma... Neither does Mama.." Emma whispered like a child, giggling to the last parts. "So... I'll help them out, just like they did with that hospital!" she giggled, walking to her window.

"I WILL BE THE NIGHTMARE EVERYONE'S BEEN WAITING FOR! I WILL BE THE CHAOS EVERYONE'S BEEN NOT WANTING!" she called out, her voice ringing and echoing off the mountains surrounding the small town.

Chaos walked over to her bed, pulling off the covers, she ripped some cloth from her black blanket wrapping it around her bunny rabbit, then placed it in her small little bag. She walked back down the stairs, into the kitchen where her parents where.

With a large wicked smile on her face, she giggled.

"... Get back to you're room!" Her dad yelled, raising the beer bottle.

"No!" Emma yelled, smiling, with a large giggle.

"Listen to you're father you brat!" her mother yelled, walking towards her, putting her hand to Emma's face.

Emma turned to her mother, slapping her own mother across the face. "No you go to bed." Emma yelled at her, giggling.

Emma walked over to the cupboard, pulling out a kitchen knife then walking to her dad. She stabbed him in the arm a few times, watching him fall to the ground with a scream. Then to her mother, where her mother was trembling in fear, still looking over what just happened.

Emma giggled, "Snicker doesn't like you.." she hissed, smiling.

The large knife came up into the air, before coming down on her mother's arm, letting her mother scream as Emma started to cut her hand off, finishing it with a lick on the knife. Emma walked over to her dad, smiling widely, as her mother made a clear run out of the house, screaming louder then anything.

"Now, papa. You made Snicker not like you... just like mama." Emma giggled.

".. You're... a demon.." he mumbled, his voice caught with the blood in his lungs as he coughed some of it up. "Tssk, tssk tsk." Emma giggled, "You shouldn't talk... You're dying." she finished raising the knife in the air.

"You're a true chaos.. of many forms.." he finished, as the knife swung down onto his eye, he let out a scream, before passing off slowly by blood lose.

Emma or 'Chaos' kept giggling.

"I am Chaos, aren't I, Snickers?!? Aha! Chaos, I like that name! Yay! Let's be Chaos together, Snicker!" she giggled, walking outside where her mother was talking to some neighbors as they called the cops. Chaos giggled more, walking back into her 'house' into her room, dragging a photo of her and Snicker, as she jumped out the window, giggling.

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