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The Light Blade

The world of Pokemon. A wonderful place to be. You could bond with your Pokemon to form a friendship, explore the entire world, battle all-mighty Legendary Pokemon, and you could eventually end up beating the newly hired World Champion. Life is sweet, well until that terrifying night.

I Learn How To Ride a Raikou

My name is Ivan. Master of flying types, and rider of the fast. Recently, Jared stopped by with his Gardevoir, and asked me to go to a camp called "Camp Suratrat." Suratrat was basically Tartarus, backwards. I told Jared that I would pass, and wait for a normal camp. Last summer, me and my Girlfriend went with Jared, but my Girlfriend kinda got eaten by an ancient demon...(That's another story.) I kept a Raikou poster in my room, because it resembled the all mighty god himself, Zeus. Jared pressured me to go, and he even considered begging me to near death, when I finally screeched "Fine! Damn!" Jared smiled, and he blew a whistle. I remembered that whistle very well. The same one used for summoning Raikou. Back in Kanto, we kinda awoke a demon sleeping under Mt. Moon, and he tried to kill us. Jared blew that whistle, and we rode on a Raikou to safety-away from the Demon's wrath. "Kouuuuu!!" A large shadow tackled, and pinned me down to the ground, releasing another Tiger roar. "Easy! Easy! Just get off me please!" The shadow was just Raikou, excited by the whistle. I got to my feet, and dusted myself off. Jared laughed, and he helped me onto Raikou. I had rode a Raikou before, but didn't enjoy having to go at nearly the speed of a McLaren F1 LM. Jared told me to settle myself down, and try to get in sync with Raikou, like I did in Kanto, using something called a Mind-Link. Jared described it to me this way: "A simple object you wear around your neck, simply to communicate with Pokemon like Legendaries, and for those Pokemon to respond in human language, but only to the one WEARING the necklace." Jared slapped Raikou, and before I could say "hold on a second," we were already going speeds faster than anything I had ever ridden before. Pow! We crashed into a sign with the words "Welcome to Camp Suratrat" on it.

We Fight the Unholy Triad of Superhumans

I couldn't remember what happened after we crashed. I felt weak as hell, and extremely tired. I fell off of Raikou's back, and hit the ground with a thud. Jared walked up to me, and woke me up, before I could even think of dreaming. Jared helped me to my feet, but I still felt like hell, as I shook my head, in order to dispose of any pesticide bugs that could've crawled into my thick hair. I heard a few voices behind the castle walls that surrounded the camp. "Oh goody! He's here!" Jared cursed under his breath, and we greeted probably the most horrific demon I have even seen. 8'2, Reindeer Horns, Wearing a full suit of what appeared to be greek armor-covered in a golden ooze. "It's a bloody battle. You need to help us at all costs. We can't afford for this defense of the camp to fail, otherwise Hades will rise up to rid us from the camp for good." The demon gave me a broadsword, made of an unknown material to fight with. Jared was given the same thing, only it was more of a light blade. We dashed inside to find the attackers of this camp. We saw pictures on rocks, and it was like a timeline. Zapdos was destroying the camp using harsh lightning, Articuno was freezing campers solid, and Moltres was burning the campers from the inside. We saw a Ho-oh in the background, which brought the sun up to end the birds' wrath. Let's not forget that all that happened a long time ago. I had a specific pattern for dealing with any surrounding enemies. Slash, Jab, Duck, Sidestep, Slash again. We saw 3 figures standing over the body of a camper. One in blue, one in red, and one in yellow. Wicked bolts struck the camp, but didn't cause fires without the help of a Moltres-or an Entei. But that didn't concern me. The blue one was freezing every camper in sight solid. The red figure chuckled, and started fires when the lightning hit. They were followers of the Demon Bird Trio, which we fought last summer. Blue-follower swung his axe at me, and I sliced the blade and handle in half. Yellow-follower and Red-follower tried to strike me with Lightning, and burn me at the same time. I leapt out of the way, and they hit each other with their own attacks. Those 3 creeps-except for Blue-ie melted into something like magma, and tried to escape. Old-man demon caught the 2 oozes, and left us to get rid of Blue-ie. The look on his face was furious. He brought what remained of his axe to Jared's face, in an attempt to slice his head off. Jared deflected with the light blade, and stabbed Blue-ie in the chest. "You...You haven't seen the last of Aquario!" Blue-ie melted, and it was over for right now.

The End...Sorta.

We got patched up, and healed like everyone else who lived did. Old-man demon told me that those 3 that we were fighting were Aquario, Boltus, and Inferno. He also told me that those 3 are the nastiest things that we would ever have to fight, besides a Hydra. Somehow, they managed to find armor for Raikou, and place him within a white cabin with a Lightning bolt on it. Gardevoir also got a suit of armor, but would have to stay with Jared, because Jared was afraid that she might get killed by a demon. We all left the camp, excluding old-man demon, and this visit was considered an accident, due to it being the WRONG time of year to be visiting. We would return next year, but we would come back fully armored, and ready for whatever monster that comes along next. I could sense a powerful presence from the camp, and a massive figure made the sun rise for us, just like in the picto-timeline. We walked off happily, while our clothes were shined on by what appeared to be a golden dawn. An extremely rare event, where the sun's light is like gold, and you can look at it for once, without being blind. Jared said he'd be going home for a while, just so he could catch up on his latest project, a massive blade which he could lift himself. Insane idea, but seemed reasonable. As for me...well...I'll just stick with my books for now until next year comes around in Kalos, and hopefully we don't have our vacation ruined by a bunch of demons ever again. Until then, I might see you all later. Ciao!


First spinpasta of mine to contain greek mythology, and as well as weaponry other than guns. Hope you enjoyed, and please do not sue me for writing this.

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