A lot of people would call it bad luck, some would even feel sorry. Some didn't at all. She was only fifteen at the time, happy and cheerful. Everyone knew that. Of course, they didn't know how much pain she felt when she was murdered.

July 19th 2002. That's when she was killed. No one heard her screams, no one found her killer. She was alone, heading back from a walk with her best friend, or so everyone believed. Everyone thought it was her best friend who killed her, but they didn't know. Of course, everyone assumes something else, it didn't matter if you were their best friend or not, they'd think you murdered them.


Emma was running around, being chased by a boy who seemed her age. She was smiling, gently and innocently. Everyone loved her, she was the type of girl who was welcomed everywhere, everyone waving hello to her, it didn't matter who.

"Come on Em!" the boy yelled.

She stopped looking at him, panting. She waved to the boy as he waved back. Emma looked around as if feeling watched, it wasn't the least of her worries, everyone wanted to be like her, but she wanted to be like everyone else.

"Sorry, Jim," Emma gasped, holding out her air as she breathed, "I just caught myself in the wind." She made up the excuse, trying not to get him worried.

The truth was, she was actually wanting to escape, wanting to run away forever. She never wanted to look back, never ever.

He nodded, patting her back as he got closer. "You going to the party on Friday?" he asked, his blue eyes watering a bit.

Emma nodded. Everyone knew that Missy's parties were the best. Everyone went to them, and only some were welcomed back again. Missy was a popular girl, one of the girl's who had everything in life. "Spoiled" is what Emma listed them.

They always had fancy makeup on, tight clothing that showed their best features, always wore jewelry, gossiping all the time no matter what.

Emma yawned slightly, breathing out. "Isn't Friday tomorrow?" she asked, looking at Jim.

He nodded, "huh, didn't think of that.." rubbing the back of his neck.

"You never think before you speak, that's one thing I like about you." Emma replied, patting his back.

The two started to head inside, both heading towards Emma's living room. She picked up the orange glass, taking a sip of the juice. She looked around, then at the clock. It was six o'clock, not long before she wanted to sleep in her bed.

"Oh, uh, yeah. Jim, you should start going." Emma nudged him, he looked at her then at the clock, his face turning red embarrassed.

"Yep, thanks Em." He said, "see you tomorrow at school." Jim walked out the front door, then disappeared.

He just lived across the street, so Emma and Jim were with each other all the time, didn't matter what.

Emma looked around, then shuffled up the stairs, walking to her room. She flopped onto the bed, hugging the black pillow. She stuck her face into it.

"Wouldn't it be fun if you killed yourself tomorrow?" Emma whispered, staring at the mirror.

A wide smile crossed her face, she stared into the mirror more like as if in a trance.

"Oh, how about making Jim kill you? Or maybe Missy, she would enjoy the taste of blood." Emma's smile was wider than ever.

She shook her head, feeling herself go out of the trance. Sweat trickled down her face as she rubbed her cheeks, feeling her neck hairs stick up on end.

"That was close.." Emma whispered.

It didn't matter what happened, everyone knew that something was wrong with Emma. When she was ten she lost her sanity and went into a mental state. She always encouraged herself to kill whoever or even herself without noticing. Everyone knew that she was crazy, she barely did, everyone stayed out of it, they knew that she could kill them all in one second, but somehow she didn't allow it. Even her enemies, she didn't allow to kill. It was a mental shock sent throughout her brain, sending her into the blood lust craze.

The next morning wasn't all bad, she went through the day quickly, which felt like minutes to her. Now she was walking to the party, she felt nervous, really nervous. Whenever she went to a party she was always tossed into the tables. Once one girl "accidentally" pulled off her top.

She stopped, staring at the sign. She turned around feeling a rush of wind hit her, sending her back into the pavement. Her eyes widened in fear and shock as she looked around, alarmed.

She tried to stand up but felt the wind hold her down. Her eyes started to tear up as she felt hot tears trickle down her cheeks. She wanted to scream but felt her voice caught in her throat blocking it.

Eyes were zoned all around Emma, all of them red and blood thirsty. No bodies were attached to them, not even a head, just floating eyes. She felt a knife dive through her stomach, blood raising in her mouth as she threw it up. She looked at the blood, her eyes widening.

"Wouldn't it be fun to kill yourself, Emma?" the voices whispered into her ear, hairs trickling on her whole body. Goosebumps formed on her arms, legs, stomach.

"Let's go to the alley, we'll end it all." the voice encouraged her.

Emma felt herself rise, then start to walk to a nearby alley. She headed in not noticing the wound in her stomach and the blood falling from her dry mouth, filling it with a sour metallic taste.

"Now, grab that chain over there and hang yourself." Emma nodded, obeying it.

She couldn't stop herself. She walked over, picking the chain up. Then just in seconds she did it. Her body swung lifeless in the wind. She wouldn't be able to live again, to smile again, to laugh, to talk, not anymore.

"Isn't this fun, Emma?" the voice whispered into the lifeless body's ear. "After all I am you. I am CHAOS." The body of the voice revealed itself. It was Emma. But it wasn't.

"After all, I am CHAOS."

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