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'''Deadline:''' ''July 29, 2014''<ac_metadata title="Right of Month Proposal: GodzillaFan1"> </ac_metadata>
'''Deadline:''' ''July 29, 2014'' <ac_metadata title="Right of Month Proposal: GodzillaFan1" notify_everyone="1405356112"> </ac_metadata>

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I am proposing to promote GodzillaFan1, one of the RCaDC members to administrator status. He has not been too active, however, he has stated he will attempt to be moreso, and he has shown signs of doing so. He has made a fine contribution to the clean up of the wiki and I believe he would be well fit for admin status.

He has experience at Trollpasta in administration and a good understanding of quality, and he can take abuse.

I don't know if there is much else to add, but I believe he will make a good new addition to the admin team.

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Deadline: July 29, 2014

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