6:30, PM

Sandra McMillan was getting ready for a date. She was a 16-year-old girl who was usually happy, funny, perky, and upbeat. She had a number of friends at school, and a good reputation.  Her hair was long and brown, her eyes bright blue, and she had a friendly smile. 

And tonight was going to be a special night for her. Very special.

Just two days before, she had been asked out by Brad Cooper, the cutest boy on the football team, who was also one of the cutest guys at her school. He had light brown hair, vibrant green eyes, and a cute smile, though something always seemed off about it.

But Sandra didn’t care. She was going out with one of the hottest guys she had ever met. What could possibly go wrong?

The doorbell rang. It was him. Sandra kissed her cat, Liz, on the head before going downstairs to answer the door.

“Ready for the best night of your life?” Brad said with a smile. That same, uncomfortable smile.  Sandra couldn’t help it, though. Even when that smile scared her, he still managed to make her fall head-over-heals in love with him. In fact, she couldn’t even speak because she was so overwhelmed with what was happening. So she only nodded in response to his question.   

“Okay. Let’s go,” he said, and smiled again. Sandra shuddered.

“What’s wrong?” asked Brad.

“Nothing,” Sandra said. “I’m fine,” and smiled, embarrassed.

Brad sighed in relief. “For a second I thought something was wrong.”

Sandra shook her head. Then Brad took her in his arms and carried her to his truck, hiding his smile, more evil-looking than ever.

7:00, PM

Brad and Sandra sat across from each other at the table. Brad had taken Sandra to a hip nightclub, and the lights were flashing in their faces. Brad flashed Sandra that uncomfortable smile, but Sandra didn’t really care at this point. By now, Brad had gotten her so drunk that she could barely make anything out that stood in front of her.

“You havin’ a good time?” Brad asked Sandra.

“Yeah” said Sandra, completely drunk.

A catchy song started to play. Brad took Sandra by the hand and said: “Want to dance?”

Sandra giggled, smiled, and said “Sure,” so Brad led her onto the dance floor, and they moved to the rhythm of the music until the song ended. A slow song then came on.

Sandra was so drunk at this point and unaware of her surroundings that she ended up wandering into the crowd and dancing with another boy, who was also drunk, and maybe a little bit high.

Brad got furious and punched the boy dead in the face. The crowd was in a panic, running and screaming toward the exit.

Just before Sandra passed out, she heard Brad whisper to the boy, “My prey.”

Then everything went black.

8:30, PM

When Sandra woke up, she was back in the car with Brad. She did not remember what Brad had said at the club, but she was feeling completely normal now. That is, except a minor headache that everybody gets when they have a hangover.

She sat up in the front seat of Brad’s car.

“Hey,” She looked to her left and saw Brad looking at her. “You okay?”

Sandra nodded. “Just a bit of a headache,” she said.

“Yeah, me too,” Brad replied. “Sorry for making you drunk earlier.”

“Yeah, well, I’m sorry I went off and danced with another guy,” said Sandra.

Before Sandra could say another word, she felt her lips pressed against Brad’s, felt the rest of the world fade away like a memory before her, smelt the alcohol on his breath and enjoyed it. She knew everything she had thought that night about Brad was wrong. Or, at least, she thought she did. Because THAT’S when it happened.

Brad raised in his hand from out of his pocket a thick, sharp knife. He raised it up in the air, and began to bring it down towards Sandra. Sandra opened her eyes briefly, but just in time to see the knife coming down for her, and also just in time to punch Brad in the face and scramble out of the car.

Once outside, Sandra was able to register the surroundings around her… but in horror.

The place Brad had brought her was a cliff where boyfriends and girlfriends went to be alone, and she had dreamed of getting there ever since her best friend had gone there with her own boyfriend last year before mysteriously disappearing. But under the current circumstances of Brad turning on her, the once welcoming outdoor area took on an ominous tone, and seemed to attack her alongside Brad.

“So,” said Brad. “Let me be very gentle with this: I NEVER LOVED YOU.”

Sandra stared at him in bewilderment for a minute. Then she finally found her voice again.

“W-why? What are you talking about? Just what the hell is going on here?”

“You mean still haven’t figured it out yet?” Brad said, psychotically now. “You still don’t know why I brought you to the club? Why I got you drunk? Why I even brought you on a date with me in the first place? Why I brought you up here? Where NOBODY CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM?”

Suddenly, it all began to click into place. The creepy smile, the strange attitude he’d had throughout that night. And now Sandra finally remembered what she had heard Brad whisper to the boy in the club; “My prey.” And she knew what he had meant. She knew now why he had gotten her drunk: so that he could lull her into a false sense of security before he killed her.

“Don’t you know why the girls I date never get back home?” Brad said to her. He was completely insane now. She couldn’t have talked some sense into him even if she tried. He bent down in front of her, clutching the knife close to his face.

“Because I’ve taken great pleasure in killing them all!” he said. “And now I’m going to do the same to you. So long, Sandra McMillan!”

With that, he swung the knife at Sandra, aiming for her heart. Sandra quickly dodged his knife, but he ended up scratching her arm, and drawing a little bit of blood. Brad glanced at his knife briefly. He smiled devilishly as an idea came to him.

He began to make small, bloody cuts all over Sandra’s body with the knife. During this, Sandra crawled backwards, desperate to escape from him.

Suddenly, Sandra felt her hand touch something big and wooden. She turned back to see what it was and found that she had picked up a big, heavy branch that must have fallen off a nearby tree during a storm. She picked it up and swung it at Brad, knocking him to the ground.

Brad chuckled. “Well, well, well. I see you’re very clever.”

Sandra struggled to get to her feet, trying not to lose her grip on the branch.

Brad also got to his feet, but this time Sandra batted the branch toward him like a sword, and he dodged. He put the knife in his pocket and grabbed a hold of the branch, trying to grab it out of Sandra’s hands. She clung tightly, but was losing more and more blood by the second, and soon enough, Brad grabbed it out of her pale hands and snapped it right in half.

Brad then pulled out his knife again and began making even more bloody cuts all over Sandra’s body.

Cut after cut made with the knife, drop after drop of blood lost, and Sandra only continued to get weaker, until finally she collapsed to the ground, too weak to stand up.

Brad grabbed her by the collar of her shirt to finish the job. “It’s really too bad it has to end like this. I liked you, Sandra.” He paused for a minute.

“Oh, that’s so cute. You actually thought I meant it,” He raised the knife one more time and held Sandra’s body, which was almost limp, out in front of him. “Sayonara, Sandy,” Brad said, twisted.

He brought the knife down, right straight into Sandra’s chest, where her heart was, and dropped her. Sandra coughed up blood before disappearing off the cliff.  

As she fell, Sandra managed to pull the knife still lodged in her chest out and let it fall into some mud below. And even though her vision was beginning to blur, she saw the outline of Brad’s silhouette at the top of the cliff. Then she felt herself hit some hard rocks at the bottom of the cliff, and saw her world fade to black as her eyes closed for the last time.

She was dead.








1:31 AM, 3 months later…

Brad woke up to a strange dripping sound. He thought maybe he had gotten careless and forgot to completely turn the sink in his bathroom off before bed. He got up and went to turn it off, but when he got to his sink, he found that, the sink WAS completely turned off.

Suddenly, the dripping noise stopped.

Brad was a little frightened, but figured his mind was playing tricks on him. So he climbed back in his bed, and tried to go back to sleep. He didn’t even notice a tiny drop of blood on the wa


As soon as he closed his eyes, he heard a thumping sound in the corner of his room.

Probably just my little bro trying to play tricks on me, he thought. He rolled over to face his wall.

That was when he heard the voice. “Braaaaaaaaad…..”

He opened his eyes and immediately bolted upright and turned on the light. What he saw was absolutely horrifying.

His entire wall was covered with blood that dripped down onto the floor, and

began to form a puddle, around a strange figure, sitting in the corner of his room.

It appeared to be in the shape of a woman. She had pale green skin – so pale it almost looked light blue – two white heels, one of which was shorter than the other, wore light green leggings that went down to her knees, and over them a dark blue skirt so short that Brad would have thought it had come out of an anime cartoon. The shirt she was wearing was hot pink, although it appeared to be coming apart at the seams, as the sleeves only went down to her elbows, and a little bit of her chest was exposed, revealing a small crack between her boobs, and a small, dark red hole. Her dark green hair flowed down in front of her face, completely hiding it from Brad. And all over her body were scars, bleeding as if she had just gotten them.

She lifted the hair from her face, looked up, and grinned at Brad, as he tried to convince himself that he was going crazy. He looked into the figure’s eyes and was immediately filled with fright. They were completely red. As if she was something… other-worldly. Her lips were orange, and curled into an evil smile. But these two things didn’t scare him. What scared him was that upon seeing her face he had immediately recognized her.

It was Sandra.

“Why, hello there, Brad,” she said, hauntingly.

“Y-y-y-y- YOU!?” Brad exclaimed in terror.

“Yes, it’s me, Brad. Did you miss me?” she said.

“What are you…how…BUT YOU’RE DEAD!”

Sandra chuckled. “I’ll never be dead as long as what you did to me haunts me. But it doesn’t matter now….Because you’re going to pay for what you’ve done to me, Brad.”

Before Brad could say another word, Sandra lunged from the corner at him. She began scratching him all over his body with her bare hands, which did not feel like fingers, but sharp, pointy claws.

Brad pushed with all his might, and eventually managed to knock her off of him. He got up to get his knife which was on his nightstand, but Sandra was quicker than him.

She took the knife, and clasped it in her hand.

Brad tried to stand, but Sandra pinned him to the bed. He thought she was going to kill him right there and then, but instead, she made a cut in his arm with his own knife, and took some of the blood on her fingers.

Brad wheezed and coughed up blood as the demonic Sandra stood in front of him, staring at the blood on her fingers with fascination, as if it was the first time she had ever seen the red liquid. Then she smiled.

She walked over to near where the pool of blood was. Then, she began to write something on the walls with Brad’s blood. When she was finished, she grabbed him, and made him stare at what she had written.

“Read it. After all, it’s true,” she said.

Brad nearly vomited when he saw what she had written. It was a single message t

hat stood out from the rest of the blood enough to be noticeable. And it said, “YOU DID THIS.”

Brad couldn’t even breathe anymore. He was beginning to feel the life being stolen away from him.

“That’s right, Brad,” said Sandra. And for a split second, Brad saw Sandra. The real Sandra, flash before his eyes. The sweet, happy, perky girl he once knew. He felt a tear drop down his face. Then he snapped back to reality as he saw the new Sandra in front of him.

“YOU DID THIS,” she growled. Finally, he saw her hand come down on his face. His world went black, and his heart stopped. The last thing he saw was the truly demonic face of his victim. 

If at any time you see blood dripping from your walls, or hear unusual dripping noises, gather your stuff and evacuate your house immediately. If you don't, you'll end up just like 17-year-old Brad Cooper... a victim of the Bloody Sandra.


A painting of the supposed "Bloody Sandra" entity.

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