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Grey clouds floated in the sky, no birds could be heard, the only sound was the splashes of rain against the windows and the wind rustling the trees, today seemed incredibly dull but that’s just another day in life for Rein, every day for her was a struggle, constant abuse from her parents, all because she was an accident, an unintended child so her parents treated her like nothing, in fact her name actually translates to the word “nothing” in French. Her mother being the French bitch she was thought it was funny to name her after the word, she thought it suited her. Rein Myers was her full name; however her mother demanded that she say her last name was Chappelle as that was her mother’s last name. Rein hated either name so she just decided against having a last name, it was only a reminder that they were her parents and she hated it.

Her abuse at home wasn’t the only thing Rein had to put up with, she had to look forward to the abuse and torment from her classmates at school too, ever since he left. There was once a boy in her class that used to be the one getting picked on, Toby Erin Rogers. They would pick on him for the way he twitched and ticked in class and call him Ticci toby. Rein didn’t see anything to laugh at, she would tell them to stop but they ignored her, she was invisible to everyone up until he left. When he ended up leaving school she was devastated, she kind of liked him, but was always too shy to even be near him much less talk to him, she still hits herself for never trying to even make friends with him, maybe things would have turned out better if she had, at least she would have had somebody.

Sitting in the very back seat of the class Rein looked out the window and stared at the woods that were a few blocks down from the school, they were eerie and mysterious; no one ever went inside them. She sighed, she didn’t know why but they didn’t seem scary to her, in fact it looked quite welcoming. Solitude, somewhere where no one else would bother her because they were too afraid, a few times has she thought I going into those woods but always thought against it, her parents would beat her if she wasn’t home to make them dinner and scrub every inch of their precious house. Running away wasn’t an option either, where would she go? She didn’t have anyone to run to.

Something hit the back of her head, she looked down to see a crumpled ball of paper, she looked around to see Chase Johnson looking at her with an evil smirk, unwrapping the paper she read the note written on it.

-Usual spot after school, be there or else.

Yeah, these notes came every day, always telling her to meet them at the usual spot behind the gym, where they would beat her up, take her money and other stuff she would rather not mention. It’s not like she had a choice, if she didn’t show up they would go and find her anyway and the punishment would be even worse, also the fact they had photos to use against her. They weren’t real, however Photoshop was an amazing way to black mail people, it was either do as they say or have those certain photos blowing around the school which could lead her to expulsion seeing as the content in them was…let’s say….Graphic?.

The bell rang for the end of the day, she shuffled slowly to the gym, trying to take as long as possible, turning the corner she saw the group of kids sitting in a circle, some of the boys were drinking booze and the girls were acting slutty as usual by feeling them up and making out, it was disgusting. At the sight of her one even threw a bottle at her, it smashed against her head.

She gripped her head in pain, tears streaming down her face. Her hair was yanked back so she was now looking into the smug face of Chase.

“What took you so long bitch? We almost went for a swim without you” he sneered pulling her hair forcing her to walk towards the gyms pool court door.

She coughed and spluttered as they held her underwater; they only allowed her a second for air as they pushed her back down, Chase’s friends laughing at her suffering.

“Hey guys the fish looks hungry, feed it” Chase said releasing her but kicking her in the face to stop her from leaving the water. Drips of blood streaming from her nose.

They threw food at her; she held her arms up to block it, bottles of beer and soda cans smashing against her. After a while more of their torment they stopped allowing her to get out, blood still pouring from her nose as well as a few cuts. She coughed shaking on her knees.

One of Chase’s friends kicked her in the stomach as he knelt down to her.

“If anyone asks about this mess, it was your fault, got it?” he held her hoodie tight with a fits aimed for her face.

“y-yes” she sobbed.

“Good” he punched her and they left her there to cry. She heard them all laughing, pulling her knees to her chest she cried and sobbed “no more…please no more…somebody…help me…”.

“What the fuck did you do? Get hit by a fucking car?” her dad yelled as she walked in the door.

“T-the kids at school…th-“he pushed her away. “I don’t give a fuck! Go make me some food I’m fucking starving” Rein just nodded and slowly walked into the kitchen. They never cared, why did she even bother trying to tell them? They hated her just as much as those kids did. She could hear her mother’s laugher as she watched something on TV; it was more like the sound of a dying animal than laughter. Rein brought out some burgers for them. As she handed one to her mother she was slapped in the face “you little bitch! Are you trying to make me fat?!” her mother snapped.

“I-I’m s-sorry-“her mother yanked the food from her hands and threw it on the floor “clean this crap up and go make some real food! Stupid whore” she flicked her hair and sat over to her husband flirting with and kissing him. If only father knew who she had over while he was at work, not like I could ever tell him, mother wouldn’t let me say a word even if I tried.

Gritting her teeth Rein walked back into the kitchen to get the mop and a trash bag to clean up the mess. But when she tried her father only stopped her “wasting food?! What do you think we are a bank? Fucking eat it!” he yelled “b-but it’s on the floor...” she whimpered. “I don’t give a shit you stupid cow! Eat it!” Rein could handle this anymore, getting up she ran for the front door and slammed it open sprinting out into the street, tears down her face. Solitude! I need solitude away from them! From everyone! She ran until she was among the trees of the woods, she tripped on a tree root and fell hard on the ground, she cried and cried. Her shoulder length brown hair drooping down her face. Her head ached a ringing chiming through her mind like static, she balled her fists, her eyes became dark as she felt anger and rage boil through her. She got up and slammed her fists into the nearest tree; she ripped at it, peeling the bark from it, screaming in rage and anguish. The flesh from her fingers being scrapped away as she did, blood covered her fingers, she didn’t care, she was too angry, she needed to let it out, she had too. Suddenly the trees warped and formed into chase and his friends, the girls in her class and her parents, she backed away, “no! No no no NO! GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE!!” she fell to her knees clutching at her head, the ringing grew louder and louder, there was no way they were here, no one ever came here. They chanted her name. “Rein……rein….rein….rein...” they chuckled at her darkly, “NO GO AWAY!! STOP IT STOP IT!!” she screamed at them begging them, she got up and swung a stick at them, but it only passed through them, she didn’t care she kept swing “STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!” blood leaked from their eyes as their mouths formed a wide deadly smile, they laughed at her. The world seemed to spin with their laughter, she felt claustrophobic as the surrounded her “Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeein…….Rieeeeeeeeeeeein….” they chanted. Rein felt dizzy, the ringing grew to be too much, static rang through her brain, and she screamed “NO MORE!”

Then fell to the ground and blacked out.

She woke that next morning in her room, her hands cut up and bloody, her eyes went wide. “It wasn’t a dream…” she shuddered. From down the hall she could hear her parents loud snoring, they never were up at this hour, looking over at her clock she saw it read 8am. “Oh no!” she got up, pulled on some new clothes and ran downstairs, and out the door.

Of course when she got to school she was questioned about the mess in the pool court, seeing chase and his gang behind the teacher she knew she had no choice but to take the fall. This ended up putting her on lunch duty at the cafeteria, but not before having to clean up the pool and the school yard. The dishes just kept piling up; it was like they were endless. Rein sighed and sobbed to herself, she zoned out only for a moment trying to block out the world and have a moment of peace only to cut her hand on the knife in her hand. “Shit...” she winced in pain. There wasn’t anything to cover it up so she decided to but two more pairs of gloves on to stop it from getting on everything.

Just as she was finishing she heard footsteps coming up from behind her, she figured it was just the lunch lady making sure she was doing the work but suddenly felt a plate being smashed over her head “you missed a spot bitch!” it was chase and his friend.

“Look she missed these ones too” one of them grabbed a plate from the stack of clean ones and pulled it out causing them all to crash onto the floor smashing. “Oh man when the lunch chick see’s this you’re gonna be in shit! You really shouldn’t break stuff Rein” Chase smirked.

Rein rubbed her head, tears streamed down her face.

“What? Aren’t you going to say anything?” he sneered at her. She remained silent.

“Hey! I’m talking to you!” she still stayed quiet.

Rein started to shake, but not with fear, no. this was a entirely new feeling, her gut wretched, and she balled her fists with her teeth clenched together tight. The ringing had returned, she heard voices speaking to her but it wasn’t chase and his friends, no these were ghostly voices of children. “They hurt you….you should punish them, they have been bad…..they made you suffer! Kill them rein…kill them…kill them….do it….you know you want to….” She looked down at the two knives that were knocked onto the floor; they glinted at her almost demanding her to pick them up. “Kill them…kill them….teach them a lesson!” KILL THEM!!”

“What the fucks wrong with you bitch?! Answer me! Or do I need to show those pictures to the entire school?” he chuckled darkly holding the photos up.

Rein chuckled to herself, it grew louder and louder until she was laughing hysterically, she lost control of her senses. She had officially snapped.

“What the fuck?” chase backed away “she’s fucking lost it” he kicked her hard but she didn’t even flinch or wince.

Rein tipped her head back to look at them, her face was darkened, the look in her eyes was not sane, her smile spread wide across her face. She laughed at them “no more! Ahahaha no more!!”

Chase and his friends backed up a bit taken aback from what they were seeing.

Rein fell leaning forward over her knees still laughing her grip tightened around the two knives chuckling darkly, it was uncontrollable! She couldn’t stop it was like her breathing turned to laughing and if she stopped she would suffocate.

“nomorenomorenomorenomoreNOMORENOMORENOMORENOMORE!!!!!” she launched up and flew at them swinging her knives cackling physcotically “NO MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!!!” she screamed as she hacked chases head clean off with both knives. His friends bolted out spluttering swears and words like “w-were sorry we were just doing what he said! Don’t kill us!” she was too far gone to hear their pleas, she tripped one of them up cutting up his leg and stabbing rapidly into his chest, she threw a knife at the others managing to pin them both to the wall by the necks , blood leaked out their mouths covering the floor, they were dead! All of them! No this wasn’t enough! She had to punish them more! She ran out into the cafeteria covered in blood hacking at anyone in her view, she couldn’t stop, it felt so good, her rage spilled out like the blood of the students who now lay limp against the chairs and floor, their limbs cut or severed, even the teachers, she ran through the halls of the school, slicing and slicing, laughing darkly, her brown hair now red with blood.

“DIE DIE DIE!! NO MORE PAIN! NO MORE!! ALL OF YOU DIE!!!!” she kept going until she was back in the cafeteria, it was only then she came back to the world she realised what she had done. Her breathing ragged, blood dripping from her hair and clothing, the once metallic blades in her hands now stained a dark red. She heard screaming and whimpering, groaning. Looking up she saw a few students running out the school for their lives, she saw the dead corpses of teachers and students everywhere, the white walls stained red with blood.

“W….what? What have I...?” looking down at her hands her eyes widened as she saw all the blood, “I….I….” she was shocked and afraid, but at the same time so so happy, they were dead! All of them! Gone! There wasn’t anyone left at this dreaded school that could hurt her! They were gone! But the sound of sirens snapped her out of her bliss; she bolted out and ran into the woods.

Solitude, she had to go there! She had to be here! She felt like it was pulling her. The tree branches getting caught on her hoodie and ripping at her tights. She kept running and running until she got too tired to go on any further, she fell to the ground, her breathing ragged. Footsteps caused her head to snap up, she saw a dark figure in front of her, his goggles glowing yellow in the dim light of the woods, his face was covered by his mask and hoodie, but he seemed somewhat familiar, he reached a hand out to her. Rein hesitated at the sight of the two hatchets hanging from his belt but he didn’t seem to want to hurt her, she reached a bloody hand out to him and stood up.

Behind him she saw a slim tall figure with two others in masks standing next to him. The person in front of her walked back to him and stood with the others. The tall figure stepped forward and extended a long arm towards her, the words of the creature rang through her mind “Come child”

It was hypnotising in a way, she took his hand but then suddenly the ringing came back and she blacked out. The three others carried her away into the woods followed by the tall figure and out of sight.

Police sirens rang through the neighbourhood still looking for the culprit of the high school massacre. All the survivors were being slaughtered every night by and unknown assailant and their family are as well.

Reins parents sat in their living room watching a news report about it on the TV, her father grunting about how he would punish her for running off. “That ungrateful brat! We should have just aborted her!” he growled.

Suddenly he hear chuckling behind him, he and his wife turned but saw nothing there.

“The hell...?” they both shrugged it off and returned to the television. It started to make static. Reins father walked over and bashed it “stupid cheap ass TV!” He heard it again, the chuckling of a girl. The TV fully went static.

“Honey?” her mother said worried.

“Rein!! Is that you? Get down here you little bitch!” her father yelled. Then he heard his wife scream. He turned and came face to face with glowing blood orange eyes. “WHATTHEFUCK!!” he fell over knocking his head against the shelf causing the glass vase to fall over and smash onto his head.

The girl laughed at him darkly through her black mouth mask, which had a white x over the mouth, her messy brown hair hung low over her glowing orange eyes which only seem to look more evil as the hood she was wearing shadowed her face.

“Time to die” she chuckled and crept closer to him” he backed up more. “Get away from me! Stay back!” but she kept coming. He looked behind her to see his wife already dead with a knife through her mouth.

“Bye bye daddy...” he heard the soft sweet tone as she said this, he turned back and only saw the glow of orange and the shine of a blade before everything went black, her laughter was the last thing he heard before his life faded away.

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