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    May 7, 2013 by XxKant99xX

    This Entry has lots of exclamation marks in it!

    I'm got a new computer, but I'm using my old computer at the moment, because my new one is being set up! My new computer is 64 bit, it is very fast and it can play games at the most detailed settings without lag! I can't wait until wednesday or something, because I'm going to invite my friend to my house! I am bored, but I'll find something to do while I wait for my computer to be set up.

    Antoni (talk) 12:35, May 25, 2013 (UTC)

    The last day before half term!

    Today is (It says above). Now it's the beginning of the day and I have a project on Dreamweaver to do. I don't have time to complete it, but I can do it at home. The problem is I don't have Dreamweaver, however my dad has it, but he'll compla…

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  • Strawhat Neo

    Tarot Cards

    April 30, 2013 by Strawhat Neo


    The Tarot Fool card is a jolly one, judging from the image on it. He may be a fool, but doesn't he look happy? Maybe that's what it takes to be joyous in this world. Ignorance is bliss.

    The Fool is my favorite Tarot card. Looking at it, I get a sense of his happiness, which makes me smile. It's the introverted happiness, and that's the most difficult one to obtain. If you're happy when you're on your own, then you are truly happy, at peace with yourself. This fool must have made it, because he look euphoric.

    There are many kinds of happiness, most of them short lived, ending in the gloom that their departure induces. But the Tarot Fool has found something lasting - a joy that emerges from deep inside, seemingly for no rea…

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  • Strawhat Neo

    About Me

    April 27, 2013 by Strawhat Neo


    My name is Neo. I am now 23 years ol. I am an undergraduate IT technitian, game beta tester, and call center agent. I lived in the island of Philippines. I was born on 4th of July (America's independence day).

    I applied as a game beta tester last year. I tested almost all games and found too many errors, glitch etc. I also found that some games doesn't have glitch, instead, they are made to put glitch. I tested too many Pokémon games and almost play all type of Pokémon GBA games such as Emerald, Pinball, Yellow version and many many more. We can almost do half of what human can do. As we can see, Pokémon unfolds a really great adventure. After so many years of analyzing it, one can found that a story can be put onto the game. Some hac…

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  • Strawhat Neo


    This story is real! I really get creeped out because of the game. I didn't see any glitch in the game and it runs smoothly. But after beating the Elite 4, The game crashed! I battled with a black thingy with red eyes! And what happens in the game, happens in the real life. The choice I have is to quit the game, or finish it.

    I bought the cartridge on a well known Arcade Store. They let me choose what cartridge should I get. The box looks like normal, except for a blood sprite coming our from Rayqauaza's eyes. I laughed at it. I decided to buy it to have fun with my friends. After going to the counter, the cashier, smiled at me and she says in a very low voice: "Goodluck!" I ignored it. I was so excited on playi…

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  • I, Da Cashman

    Hey guys. I recently introduced by friend who shall be referred to as Jack to creepypastas. His first story, like many of us, was Squidward's Suicide. It also happened to be like, midnight, and we talked about it over texts. He got super creeped out. It wasn't bad enough the pasta was as it was, his house just so happened to have Spongebob crap all over it. It wasn't like his house was some sort of shrine to the dude, it was just that a lot of Spongebob stuff they had was being used in circulation. (Pillow cases that need washing, for example.) I thought that was incredibly creepy and coincidental. He's fine now, but I really want to write something about it. Especially since it can be done through texts. I need something to jog my creativ…

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  • MEMJ0123


    April 1, 2013 by MEMJ0123

    I guess this wiki is ok I support the spinpasta wiki

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  • DeathNoteLova


    March 31, 2013 by DeathNoteLova

    I just want to say that I love anime and I'm shocked that people barely write stuff for anime...

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    I was thinking we should have a category for spinoffs that are in Spinoff Appeal. First, every page in Spinoff Appeal is to be added to Spinpasta Wiki under the category "". Admins (mainly myself and Fur) will then decide on the pasta's talk page whether or not it deserves to be put on Creepypasta Wiki by using the following templates:

    If the pasta gets unanimous support (or at least Fur and I both agree that it is worthy of CPW), then it will be put on there, but NOT MOVED. It will be kept here as well and be put in the category ")". On the Spinoff Appeal page, this template will be placed beside the appeal, like this: (ACCEPTED)

    If the pasta gets lukewarm support (like, if Fur opposed it and I supported it or if two admins voted support, on…

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    Spinoff of the Month?

    February 22, 2013 by LOLSKELETONS


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    Major Changes

    February 20, 2013 by LOLSKELETONS

    I will document all the major changes I make to this site from here until I decide to stop updating. I will probably stop updating when I decide that updating a blog post every time I make a major change is not worth the time. Or something.

    • Deleted "Site Rules/Administrators" and moved content to "Administrators"
    • Deleted "Site Rules/Sockpuppeting" as it was unnecessary
    • Deleted "Category:Herobrine"; Minecraft and Herobrine really shouldn't be separate categories
    • Restored "Category:Herobrine" and modified category rules so that "Minecraft" and "Herobrine" can be added together
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  • MEMJ0123


    February 20, 2013 by MEMJ0123

    Hello fellow users. I am majin 112 I am not going to post any pastas on this wiki but on the creepypasta wiki I already have made my O.C Lucas Marques While this wiki has a good purpose I do not have any use for making a spin off of an already made pasta. you can reach me at my email at I know that basicly is an spin off email name but when I made it I had no idea that I would eventually make a creepypasta. 

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  • WhiteReaper


    February 16, 2013 by WhiteReaper

    As you can see. the achievements are all Wikia stock ones. If anyone has any idea for names/images, feel free to leave them here. 

    I already made 4 of them, and I'm really satisfied with the results I've got on the "Lucky" one. I'll make a list of the ones that I still need ideas for:

    • All the ones for adding pictures (8).
    • Two for commenting on blogs.
    • One for creating a blog.
    • 100 edits on a day.
    • 100 edits on pages that are less than 1 hour old (Pointsgamer on CP wiki).
    • Joining the wiki. (Worm head?)
    • Adding to your own page.
    • Leaving a message on someone's page.
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  • Yutsu

    Subject M Test 2

    February 16, 2013 by Yutsu

    Subject: M

    Test: #2

    Date: 16/02/13

    Entry: #10 NEW BLOG

    Hi guys. Yay! New blog! I'm going to talk about random stuff here, so you don't have to pay attention. I have a week vacation, YAY!! I liek vacationz :P So, I hope you guys enjoy my creepypastas and blog. Later dudes.

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    February 16, 2013 by LOLSKELETONS




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    Something similar to this has to be made. We could also use a tutorial (not necessarily in the form of a blog post).

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  • Furbearingbrick

    Please Follow Me

    January 30, 2013 by Furbearingbrick

    I'm writing another "gaiden" (side-story) of my alternate Jeff mythos called Please Follow Me. (The name is only temporary till I can find a better one.) It details how General Angus became a Drone Leader, and gives you a glimpse of what he was like when he was human.

    EDIT: It's done! It's also on Creepypasta Wiki, with most of the spelling errors fixed.

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