• The Infinite One


    January 30, 2014 by The Infinite One

    To whom it may concern,

    I am Parson Argus, the one and only investigator of the celestial being known as, The Infinite One. I have written this letter as a way of callig for help, because I am currently being held captive by jungle savages who supposedly worship The Infinite One, and make sacrifices to him. From what I have heard, I think they are planning on sacrificing me this evening, once the sunset turns red.

    At any rate, I have written this letter and left it for whoever finds it first, asking them to please follow the directions on the back. They will leade you to my library, where you will find all of the research I have done on The Infinite One. 

    Please, follow the directions exactly and use the key with the following number on it: 3…

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  • GodzillaFan1

    Like always, I kept clicking the "Random Pasta" button, and believe it or not; I found a pasta that is WORSE than Luigi's Mansion: Blood Moon. The pasta I found was called Sonic's Painful Death, and to be honest, I wanted to commit suicide while reading it. It is the EXACT same as Sonic.exe (basically), but shorter. Yay...


    >Now, I know you're going to be mad at me for this, but I have played countless Sonic games, from classic to modern Sonic games.

    ...why would we get mad at you for playing Sonic games...?

    >It was a long afternoon and I was playing Sonic Dash on my iPhone. Then I just knew beyond a point that something was in my mail box. In my mail was a CD case for computers, and, to my surprise, it was a CD copy of Sonic 1.

    Geez. …

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Ultimate's Moveset

    January 27, 2014 by Heavy On Fire

    Okay guys, here's my moveset and character for the ones that are wondering. Also, for Crimson.


    Normal move: Quick swing with Galaxia and a short-ranged kick.

    Side move: A powerful stabbing triple-hit combo consisting of a stab, a slash and a rapid slash-away. While doing this, you can turn around to do this move backwards too. Plus, small sword beams shoot out at the third hit of the combo. 

    Recovery: Hold the Galaxia sword up while flying freely for 5 seconds. You can also land sooner by thrusting the sword towards the ground.

    Power Move: Slash powerfully with the element of either ice (freezes enemies for 10 seconds, longest side-effect and deals decent damage, but has short range), fire (hits powerfully and has decent range, but la…

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  • Heavy On Fire

    New series...

    January 26, 2014 by Heavy On Fire

    Guys, I think you'll like this new idea I have. An idea that's called:


    It's a series that is simular to SSBB's story mode (duh) but with Spinpasta users and characters instead. If I may, the villain is an evil version of WhiteReaper. (the good one will probably join in latur, have to ask) He creates a fighting tournament for the Spinpasta wiki in order to trick the users into figting so he can prepare an army to destroy the wiki once and for all! But, lucky for us and unlucky for him, after realizing their faults, heroes stand up...

    So, this will be working simular to The Legendary Brawl. If you want to be a character in the story or you want a character for your pastas in it, just ask! Don't expect m…

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  • GodzillaFan1

    So guys, I kept on clicking the "Random Pasta" button, and I found this really shitty pasta called Luigi's Mansion: Blood Moon. This story is pretty short, and pretty awful.


    > I saw a door that I hadn't discovered earlier. It was red, and I swear I saw some red drops fall down from the door.

    That can only mean one thing... BLOOD!

    Welp, looks like this is going to Trollpasta Wiki. Seriously, what kind of shitty ending is that?


    Worst pasta I've ever read on this site. 0/10

    If you're an admin, feel free to add this to Trollpasta Wiki, becasue that's where it truly belongs.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Guys, I'm finally back from my ass-nummingly long break! I will be writing a lot today and a new idea will be revealed. I think you'll like it...

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  • SonicFanForever

    hello users here on spinpasta wiki ill be taking a two day break from my wiki this wiki and creepypasta wiki and CX promcie me you will take care of the wiki and godzillfan1 take care of trolls and spamers and fatal take good care of the main page and SOMEGUY123 take care of the NSFW Stuff from your friend and founder of sonicpasta wiki creepydog101

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  • SonicFanForever

    hello users of spinpasta i made a wiki just for creepypasta fans and sonic fans as well it's called.... sonicpasta wiki you will see me creepydog101 and godzillafan1 heres the link NOTE if your a sonic fan or admin  on creepypasta wiki and spinpasta wiki and trollpasta wiki ill make you admin on the wiki P.S sonicpasta wiki ant for just sonicpastas it's for other pastas as well enjoy my wiki 

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  • Megafan321


    I am Looking for something a little. . . different for my next story. I'm looking to give an analysis on the symptoms and effects of certain CreepyPasta characters, topics and odd occurrences. Good examples are the Lavender town syndrome or Slender-sickness, Polybius. The list goes on...

    I'm looking for the best topic to give all of you a better understanding of what goes into these illnesses and mental issues; and possibly find a cure to them.

    Topics from all over are welcome to be suggested as long as it fits into what I am looking for (Mental or Physical illness cased by something mentioned here on CreepyPasta/SpinPasta wiki)

    You never know. . . . You might just find out something you love to see as a kid has dark secrets behind…

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  • TheOperator

    Favorite Music?

    January 13, 2014 by TheOperator

    What are your favourite types of music/bands. Mine would be classical,old timey.

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  • TheOperator

    About me

    January 13, 2014 by TheOperator

    Not much to say

    My name is Norman Bates (Real name)

    I love Horror/Slasher movies.

    Yes I do look a lot like anthony perkins when he played Norman Bates (Psycho)

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  • TheOperator

    Ask Norman

    January 13, 2014 by TheOperator

    Ask me anything you want!

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  • SonicFanForever


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  • Princess Callie

    (Note: I figured since this would be a Review, it was better as a blog post. Unless Fatal or SG have something to say about dat. ;) Anyways, let's get on to me torturing myself (or laughing))

    I'm a total Sonic the Hedgehog fan much like everyone else, I like the newer games, but I don't mind playing the classics. I don't think I've ever played glitchy or hacked games before, though I don't think I want to play any after the experience I had...

    I don't think I've ever read a crappier pasta before, though I think I do want to after I've loled at this.

    It started on a nice summer afternoon, I was playing Sonic Unleashed (I liked how you get to explore the towns in it) until I noticed, out of my peripheral vision, that the mailman had arrived and…

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  • Heavy On Fire


    January 5, 2014 by Heavy On Fire




    IDIOT BOX...




    (Even though some modern episodes are decent)

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  • Heavy On Fire


    January 4, 2014 by Heavy On Fire



    Okay, not really. But it does seem like that happens a lot lately. Anyways, his name is:

    Christian Joseph Snake

    Or, as you probably guessed, just Chris for short. Job: Drug dealer, so he also has a hiding name: Shady Juan (METAFAWKER SHALL BE PLEASED I HOPE JK) 

    He doesn't focus on killing much, but he has trained daily. Well, he is an assassin if costumers don't pay... He isn't really traumatiz…

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  • Heavy On Fire


    January 4, 2014 by Heavy On Fire


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  • Princess Callie

    (A bunch of people are seen walking down the street)

    Narrarator: You know the wikis. You know the stories. You know the admins. And now, there's finally a movie for it!

    (Camera focuses on Dennis Rodman)

    Starring, Dennis Rodman as LOLSKELETONS!

    (Dennis flips off the camera)

    (Camera Focuses on a coffin being rolled down the street)

    Guy Fawkes as Metafawker!

    (Coffin does nothing, camera focuses on a grape on a stick)

    Rapey the Grape as Fatal Disease!

    (Camera once again focuses, this time on Johnny Depp.)

    Johnny Depp as ImGonnaBeThatGuy!

    Johnny: Hello. I'm Gonna Be That Guy.

    (Focus moves to Morgan Freeman)

    Morgan Freeman as WhyAmIReadingThis!

    Morgan: Now you can no longer read Reading's chat messages, without using the sound of my voice.

    (focus moves to Arno…

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Yay! I think.

    January 3, 2014 by Heavy On Fire

    Guys, I think I'm about better now. I'll try to work on some pastas if it goes all right, okay?

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  • TheBoldWriter

    A little Help?

    January 1, 2014 by TheBoldWriter

    Ok so I made the story Gothirim and I need to add it to the article listing, but I cannot find it and I really dont want to get in trouble for not adding it to article listing. Can anyone help me?

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  • Heavy On Fire

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY! Let's make it a worthy 2014 together on the Spinpasta Wiki! I'm surprised that I didn't hear that the world was gonna end...

    Now for something different: I want to apologize to the readers of my Crimson Tales series for not uploading for a while. BUT I'M NOT LAZY! I had a pretty bad case of fever for a few days (including New Year's Day, grrr). It was hard to even sit up straight at my computer. My headache increased by watching the screen, so that didn't help much either. I'm somewhat better now, but expect the next episode of Crimson Tales a few days later.  

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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman

    Some Half Life Quotes... Or what I mean the transcript of HL Sound Files. All credited to VALVe

    Black Mesa Incident pasta

    Opposing Force

    Half Life

    1. "Morning Mr. Freeman. Looks like your running late."

    2. "Hey there, Mr. Freeman, I had a bunch of messages for you: We got a system crash about 20 minutes ago and I'm still trying to find my files. Just one of those days I guess... They are having some problems down there in the test chamber too but I think they all have been straighten out. They want you to get your HEV and head down there as soon as possible."


    3.1."Hey Gordon! Are you trying to embarass me?!"

    3.2."Gordon! What are you doing!?"

    3.3."My God, Gordon! What are you doing?!"

    4.(Laptop) "Gordon! Get away from there. I am expecting…

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Ok guys, I have a new idea for something you can put on your user page. If any of you have played SSBB,(Which me and Fawker did) every playable character has his/her own unique throphy. Maybe we can add our own fan-made description of what the text would say if your thropy was in SSBB. Like this:

    Step 1: Get your profile pic

    Step 2: Add a description of what you have done for the wiki and more info what you'd like to have close to the pic.

    Step 3: Add two pasta (series) you have written. NO COLLABS, JUST WHAT YOU'VE WRITTEN BY YOURSELF!

    You should be done after following the steps. Let me know if you think you're going to do this and share what it looks like! Or if you think this is a good idea. I know I'm doing it!

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  • Sinisterfox

    Well as you can see I was a Big Fan of Phineas and ferb and I love the character Candace Flynn and how she always try to get the boys in trouble so when i made this story it becomes the most Darkest and twisted story that could become a contender to MLP cupcake's and even Dead Bart so even if it doesn't show here i would link you or even peice by peice it here so without further ado here is my story and if ness the link

    hopefully this would peek myself as one of the most twisted tales that even the cryptkeeper would of enjoyed

    Stay sinister :D Read more > Read more >
  • RobotJailbreaker

    So heres my ideas

    1# Making your own iphone or andriod apps to take you there fast

    2# The creator can make his own channel on youtube 

    3# Put some other links to other pastas like (Trollpasta,creepypastas,and other pastas

    More coming soon!

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  • Heavy On Fire


    December 22, 2013 by Heavy On Fire


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  • Princess Callie

    Grimdark Edition





    Prepare for my wubs

    Let’s drop this beat

    You’re a masochist?

    I went a little overboard on Tavi.

    I think you got a little too much thrill out of this;

    You probably crapped your rhymes while you cut yourself up to bits!

    All you do is throw tantrums, and play with a few knives.

    I bust out both wubs and HOMICIDE!

    My brother though I was bad;

    Thought I’d hurt Itch.

    Well guess what?

    Now he’s lying somewhere in a DITCH.

    Really, now, your music is unfashionable, dear.

    And I’m still crazier than that messy hair.

    Vinyl Scratch, dearie, I don’t need your opinion.

    Because I already, Mommy’s still prettier here!

    Your rhymes better than mine?

    HMPH, that’s absurd!

    I think somepony here needs to learn.

    My story wasn’t a gorefe…

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  • GodzillaFan1

    This wiki sure has a serious fetish for delete/clean-up categories.

    • Flagged for Deletion - Pages flagged for deletion will be either deleted or spared within a week (sometimes less.) When an admin tags a page with this category, they will put a poll on the talk page. Remember, this is an RCaDC and ADMIN ONLY category.
    • Delete Now - For non Admin/RCaDC users, to tag in case of rule violations, bad spelling, or otherwise.
    • Needs Editing - Pages listed here will be deleted within a set number of days if they aren't fixed.
    • Clean-Up - Pages that need reviewed for bad quality or Category cleaning. RCaDC only.
    • Marked for Review - Pages that need more editing. The pastas will be reviewed within 7 days, and removed from the category, given the bad tag, or de…

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  • Princess Callie

    A few people who've noticed my Spinpasta profile and signature have asked me how I've done these things, so I've decided I would write this guide, just for the hell of it. Feel free to add something to it.

    Mainly, I've been asked about my signiture. It's a slippery little thing. Many users have these kinds of signitures, you're probably asking "How do I do this?"

    Well, it requires a bit of understanding code.

    That's the template set up to one of the songs on my Profile. It should be simple to figure everything out: Top =0 means it's not on top (1 would mean it is). PlaylistURL = (insert embed code here) is the Url of the song that plays. Autoplay is set to 1 or 0, with one meaning it plays on entry to the page, 0 meaning it doesn't. Hide set…

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  • Princess Callie





    Rainbow Dash, you’re sitting over there with your crappy rainbows. 

    Those beats sound worse than the taste of my cupcake dough!

    You talk about killing; you mass produce your stuff

    I can still do it better with a knife and some cuts.

    You call yourself a sadist?

    I killed my best friend.

    In fact it was you Rainbow Dash

    And I’ll stomp you again!

    You just make rainbows, you don’t know how to let the fun max

    If you want it to be good, you have to make it last!

    Pinkie Pie, I’m more of a sadist than you

    My rainbows are far cooler than your cupcake stew

    You cut up fillies with a knife, so what?

    These fillies are cut up with the Pegasus Device.

    You talk about tasty

    I eat rainbows in my sleep!

    You took one bite and said “Ugh, no…

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  • Superplankofdeath

    i was just wondering does anybody believe in any of them i myself dont.

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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman

    Whoever is the admin here, I'm asking his/her permission and there's no way I'm adding a false category because it is freaking me out since I done it on Trollpasta wiki so whoever the admin here I would be asking permission. Anyway, the category I will add is called "Valve" but I'm not adding this unless the admins agreed...

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  • I, Da Cashman

    Cosbydaf Stole My Idea

    December 15, 2013 by I, Da Cashman

    You've got to be kidding me here:

    Cosbydaf, when I decided to feed off the fame of you and half a dozen other famous creepypastas by making a crossover prequel, I didn't know you'd actually take my ideas and make them your own. Like, okay, it was no secret that The Transcendence Project meant that the game cartridge had been tampered with or even created in a scientific setting. But it's a whole nother story when you go ahead and have it be a JOURNAL. Written in the same style of "here's our progress so far" kind of stuff. And why the Hell is it taking place in 1997? I didn't just choose 1988 because that's when the And Justice for All album came out. I chose that because it was r…

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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman

    DGF's Profile

    December 14, 2013 by Doctor Gordon Freeman

    This is only some things about me so don't comment anything that is against me because I'm not the only Half Life character here.

    • Name: Gordon Freeman
    • Age: 27
    • Gender: Male
    • Occupation: BMRS Scientist, test-subject
    • Job Location: New Mexico
    • Nationality: American.

    User:Doctor Gordon Freeman

    Not an average guy who is a scientist-who-holds-weapons. Anyway I am really holding weapons when the Black Mesa Incident happens when I put a specimen on the AMS. Link to the Black Mesa Incident:

    Black Mesa: Anomalous Materials

    • He becomes the first Chuck Norris of all games.
    • He is being recognize by his melee weapons called a crowbar
    * The crowbar was the first weapons that can be pick up on Black Mesa.
    • Some people think that his brother was Morgan Freeman.
    * There's no…

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  • GodzillaFan1

    Okay, why is Category Exhibition disabled on this wiki? Category Exhibition is one of the most helpful tools on wikia. Having Category Exhibition off is a dumb idea, and here's why:

    You can sort by the most visited pages in that category, recently edited pages in that category, and you can sort the pages in the category in alphabetical order. This is pretty helpful.

    You see that thing I'm pointing at? Pressing that TURNS OFF the category exhibition. When it's turned off, it will look like this:

    You see? The Category Exhibition DOES help out. So yeah, can they please be enabled? Thanks.

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  • Cruelgirl9671

    well today im totally shocked and happy but mostly shocked i am shocked cuz my best friend died in a car accident and im just finding out about it and im happy cuz today is my boyfriend's 19th birthday and i get to see him today. i really need to talk about the death and heartbreak of my best friend. this is killing me.

    well i went to the counselor at my school and we were talking about things and i started talking about my best friend Dalton Neidecker and i said that i rlly needed to talk to him just then my counselor said that he had died in a car accident with his stepdad and i just froze i cant tell u how much my heart broke just then. i can tell u that it was slowly eating me alive cuz i remembered that the last thing i said to him was…

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Guys, I absolutely need your help here. I need a good theme song for Crimson Tales, because it's about time that it gets one. I already have some tracks of SPM and PMD2 that may help. If you guys know some good music that's epic, creepy or just awesome, LET ME KNOW!

    Music I have in mind:

    Plakia's Theme from PMD2. Might not be that scary, but it makes me feel like I'm screwed.

    Count Bleck's Plan from SPM. It's pretty dark and catchy at the same time.

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  • Princess Callie

    Happy Me! ^.^

    December 12, 2013 by Princess Callie

    I'm really happy today. Know why?

    I've had a really good day today. I've not been screwed with, yelled at, ranted at, recieved hate mail via e-mail, or anything such as this.

    But that's not all. I got secret santa-ed, AGAIN. But this time, I got new vinyl collectibles- Spitfire, Rainbow Dash (YAY.) Rainbow Dash in a shadowbolt outfit (YAY AGAIN) and a Doctor Whooves. But again, that's not all. I got a new bag with a Rainbow Dash silhouette on it! ^.^

    But my favorite one was something I've been wanting for a very long time. I got a stuffed Rainbow Dash plushie! (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :DDDDD) It's absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!

    Not even the struggle with the HTML code to make that can mess this up! I FEEL FUCKING AMAZING. :D

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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman

    Alright guys. I know this is a little weird but I'm not just talking about Half Life okay? Ask anything you like but take note: I am not online always. Anyway I can answer questions.

    Doctor Gordon Freeman Doctor Gordon Freeman (talk)

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  • I, Da Cashman

    ...What Just Happened?

    December 11, 2013 by I, Da Cashman

    I've been gone for 2 months. Since then, a bunch of new administrators have been added, not to mention good administrators, the wikia has grown tremendously, and you guys got a "pasta of the month" thing going. A trillion "holy wows" and maybe a couple million "holy shits" escape my mouth in the direction of the people building this website. Well done sirs. I apologize for missing out on this epic growth spurt.

    Then I go to my E-Mail and see an inbox that says "see changes to Dyers Eve."

    I'm like "oh shit, what happened?"

    And then I see the #1 administrator on the website makred Dyers Eve as suggested reading.

    And I'm like "I gotta come back. Right the shit now."

    1st semester's about to end and I've already done a bunch of the finals. I know th…

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    December 10, 2013 by MAXMOEFOEisBoss

    My first blog post!


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  • Princess Callie

    And another. :P

    December 9, 2013 by Princess Callie

    You should love me. Because this was something I did for fun. But nonetheless, I'm awesome.

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  • Princess Callie

    Another Song. :)

    December 8, 2013 by Princess Callie

    I made another song. DJ Rainboom. I don't think it's as good as the first, but I think it's somewhat there. :)

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  • Princess Callie

    Since I found a new easy to use dubstep maker thingy, I decided to go ahead and record a song. It's my first actually solid and publishable work, so don't judge too harshly. :) Other than that, enjoy. You'll have to click a link to my FB, because I don't feel like uploading it to Youtube at the moment. :)

    Note: It is loud. Made with ButtonBass green cube.

    The Video (Facebook Link)

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  • Megafan321


    Please tell me what you the Creepy Pasta readers want me to research next, and yes it will probably end with me dealing with the subject requested trying to kill me. But I can handel it; so don't be afraid to give any suggestions. No matter how deadly it may be; it has to be done.

    It is my job to research and give the information needed to survive the horrible things Creepy Pastas have to offer.

    From The Unlucky Researcher (talk) If you want to know why I'm doing this check out my Origin story

    This is My Story [[1]]

    Check out my CreepyPasta page for other suggestions [[2]]

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  • Princess Callie

    Birthday Today!

    December 3, 2013 by Princess Callie

    Guess what, everypony? I turned 18 today! I'm excessively giddy because I've been 18 for approximately nine minutes now. :P

    So yeah, I'm really really happy today! I'm going to have fun!... After I sleep and go to school.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Hello RCaDC!

    December 2, 2013 by Heavy On Fire

    YEE-HAW! The new member of the RCaDC is yours truly, Ultimatemetaknight! But.... How come I don't see it on my profile and the RCaDC page? Is that supposed to happen?

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Even though I'm sure no one is interested, the news flashes are gonna be replaced here. I'm not feeling like breaking the rules, but I don't know if my blog gets checked out. Anyway, on to the actual news flash...

    The side project I had been thinking of and reported in the forum (RD and CMC get back to life and avenge themselves against four psychonies) is named Quadruple Revenge. It's gonna be released soon enough, and the next episode of Crimson Tales: The Mansion will also be released soon enough. Just so you know. 

    Another part of the news flash is that I might use Spongebob memes as replies to asshole comments. Examples: 

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  • Princess Callie


    November 29, 2013 by Princess Callie

    I got it to work!  Yeesh. That took too long and the answer was right under my nose: THE DAMNED MEDIAWIKI PAGES.

    So after some tinkering, and finally just importing everything, we now have a YoutubePlayer template, which will allow you to play music (autoplay) from your profile, talk page, etc. To see how, feel free to take a look at the template.

    But anyways, look on my profile to see it in action. :D It's pretty cool. *squee*

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  • Princess Callie

    Equestria Girl Callie

    November 26, 2013 by Princess Callie

    Yup, this is what I do when I have nothing to do.

    I designed my pony self (with differences) in Equestria girl form. (the mare, not the stallion. I prefer her. Either way, there's no way to change the gender.)

    It's very limited. They didn't have my hairstyle or anything like that, in actuallity.

    But nonetheless. :)

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