• Doctor Gordon Freeman

    Probably because of the post that MLP is blacklisted, I am leaving this site FOREVER. But that doesn't mean I will never visit this wiki, I would still go on the chat but I will never put a new page. Anyway there's a wiki that is provided for all of the spin-offs and stuffs so I am moving there.

    And also, please don't mess up with my profile and my other pastas or else... OR ELSE < moving here.

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  • Fatal Disease

    In the past few months, I haven't been entirely myself. Not the Trollpasta admin Fatal, or the fourth bureaucrat on the Spinpasta wiki. I have not been the person that you have all known and cared for. From April, I have been constantly angry after a demotion, and took on my rage by isolating myself from my family and taking it out on everyone, possibly myself.

    In May I had experienced a downfall. It was something that I had said to demote myself for, but couldn't do it because it was a stupid reason to do it. During and after that month, I had signed up for a site that I had abandoned back in 2012 because I was a desperate piece of shit. I had met someone on the site, and had went to the mall with this person. The mall meet was originally …

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  • Madam Red

    I'm Leaving

    July 25, 2014 by Madam Red

    I am here to announce that I will be leaving the chat, as it is not the place for me. There are several reasons for why I am leaving, first one being time. With school right around the corner, it'll be impossible for me to chat on here. Second reason being that the users in chat are just rediculous and the mods are incompetent. Third reason, I hate that people keep acusing me of being a sock because I use Maulle's computer. I'm just his neighbor, NOT a damn sock. I don't have my own computer so he lets me use his.

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  • Likferd


    July 25, 2014 by Likferd

    I'm going to be inactive the next two weeks over vacation. I don't know if I'll be able to visit the chat, but if I do, it won't be for long. However, I'll try to make a few edits on CPW.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    (TV is shown with the new Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures cartoon on it"

    Pac-man: "Looks like I gotta take this like a man. A PAC-MAN!"

    Annoying red friend: "Good job! You really PACked him in this time!"

    Annoying purple girl (no sexism intended): (stereotypical complaining nerd who thinks she knows everything better)

    (dramatic music)

    (I come in the screen and pick up the TV)


    (Throws it against the wall, followed by me trying to smash the TV)

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  • Godofmemez

    Well, since my browser crashes a lot with programs open, I am going to give some brief descriptions for this research.

    You know about the Strange Website Right? That site named, it may looks like an ordinary glitched website, but everyone thinks it's suspicious, and I recovered more information and another guy researching with me (User:Lyonx) so I will give the parts of the information from them.

    He linked to me a website which is, it seems to be about researching the website too, the team goes into the source code of the homepage and they summarized that the codes of the homepage, in fact, was "a diagram of the nuclear bomb"

    They then posted the ASCII …

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  • That Pasta Girl


    July 16, 2014 by That Pasta Girl

    Hey guys how you doing.?! Good.? Good. I am new to spin pasta and i hope everyone like the first story I have shared.! Jack and Jeff.! Please no hate but I am fully open to thoughts and feelings if they will help me be a better writter and or story teller.!

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  • Coolpastas557

    I have seen a lot of creepypastas on the wiki, like The rake, Slenderman, Jeff The Killer, Russian Sleep Experiment and so on, but im wondering what creepypastas other people like, you dont have to post yours but it would sure be a fascinating read.

    Thank you...

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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman

    It's been three months since I stopped visiting this site and now I came back. So anything new or something?

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  • Kumatora1

    okamiden theory

    July 4, 2014 by Kumatora1

    I sometimes like to overly look at games a books.... wait what are books..? just kidding i know what books are!

    So i was thinking what if kurow and chibiterasu where brothers of some sort so this is what i thought.

    Since Waka and Amaterasu are the only ones on the Celestial plain and Chibiterasu is Amaterasu son that will

    mean Waka is Chibiterasu's dad, since Kurow is waka's clone but kinda like his kid and that means Kruow is Chibiterasu's brother.

    the end

    (i might continue this late)

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  • Moist Punk


    June 29, 2014 by Moist Punk

    well this is my firts blog on spinpasta wiki. So far there's no fucking chatroom and the pastas are not even like the ones on the creepypasta wiki. anyway i'd like for you to subscribe to my very own youtube channel! :D

    USERNAME: Deven Benedit

    I currently have 21 subscribers and feel free to share my videos................ yeah e.e

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  • Heavy On Fire


    June 15, 2014 by Heavy On Fire

    Yup, it's me. Happy that I'm back? If you aren't I'm gonna cry :(

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  • TheMaskGuy


    June 13, 2014 by TheMaskGuy

    ok heres why it suck and stupid because i did not make the touch of creepyness because i was too lazy so yeah i will making some creepy story and plus the project that i am making is the old dumb creepypasta into a better creepypasta and its a remake no short story its going to be long so it will take me a long time to make the touch of the old deleted creepypasta so well thats my day.

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  • TheMaskGuy

    Well i kinda like this page its awesome but the chat doesnt have people in it so please we need people on the chat ok? and the creepy storys are coming and i created my first creepypasta link is below to read (this may be removed) ok guys have anything you want just put it in my talk page

    My creepypasta link

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  • Fatal Disease

    Due to current times, I will not be on as much as I used to. Because of what had happened today (05/05/2014), I am restricted to a certain time period that I am allowed on the computer.

    The reason as to why I am restricted on the computer is because of my social anxiety and my deep sadness, which is declining to depression. My dad had originally grounded me from it until his say-so until he said so, but I have asked him to stay on here for an hour today, and he had agreed to this.

    So, until stated else-wise, I will decline my activity on all pasta wiki's, Creepypasta, Spinpasta and Trollpasta, from being on here "all day" to only a certain number of hours that vary from 1 to 3 hours within the day.

    So, yeah. Hope to God, or whomever you belie…

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  • Godofmemez

    So yeah, If you're here, you've already read Platform Racing 3 - The Ponies Incident by now, apparently if you've know, It's a story of getting on the Platform Racing 3 game, then roleplay accounts with the name of Ponies from My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic or something, then causing a weird occurrences in the game, that lasts for 4 day then finally causing a great war, I don't think it will be a thing soon, but well, It is a true event and there's a load of proof to begin with, so well we'll start a second research on this event.

    First, I think I may have already discovered whoever masks as Pinkie.Pie in the incident in, I think the name's Andaya, Also would scatters a lot of clues of elements in the incident,…

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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman

    This is only a test vote but it says which game is the best.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Guys, I'm oficially announcing that, from tomorrow and onward, I'll stop posting anything at this wiki. Why? Simple. All my pastas aren't being appricated AT ALL. And when they are, it's very low praise. Call me an attention whore, do your thing. Or suddenly say that my pastas are wonderful. I'm not ever changing my mind. Never. Take away my rights as RCaDC, delete my pastas... I no longer care. I'm not turning back and not starting over. I'll be at TPW and CPWC if you need me for a talk or a good laugh. Good day, everyone. I'm leaving. 

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Okay, if you guys were curious, I wasn't doing anything for 5 days because I was on vacation to Spain (Sitges, to be exact) and I forgot to mention it befire I left. Sorry for that. By the way, I'm starting to think about a new series. I just need to think what it's gonna be about.

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  • VanaV

    SA-X Infection - Gallery

    April 29, 2014 by VanaV

    Hey guys, I'm VanaV! I have downloaded the Sumo Paint app, and with it, I'm making possible screencaps of creepypastas! I tried to make a gallery on SA-X Infection at the Creepypasta Wiki, but I couldn't do it. So I'm made it here.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Ideas. anyone?

    April 26, 2014 by Heavy On Fire

    Guys I am in desperate need of ideas for my Crimson Tales series. Does anyome have a suggestion? 

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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman

    So, I created this for two reasons. One, I am bored and Two, if you know TF2 as well. Some hints are in this wiki but I hope you could answer why rainbows make Scout cry.

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  • BlueNight18

    I know theres millions of loved creepypastas: Jeff the Killer, Smile Dog, Pokémon Hacks, and a lot more. But some stories get REALLY boring or chiche and just... need to stop. Who agrees, and what kinds of stories need to stop getting published?

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  • BlueNight18

    Pokemon Tips :)

    April 14, 2014 by BlueNight18

    This is for Pokémon gamers who need help!~

    Tip number one: try to save at good times Its best to save at good times, like when you get a badge or do an event. Because you'll never know. your game could turn off, or crash, or get stolen by a monkey. XD So save after you do a good accomplishment. ......and don't save every 5 f*cking seconds.

    Tip number two: Don't let your anger take over OmO

    I know how some people are: they get pissed off, and end up breaking their game or destroying it or shit like that. SO don't let your anger get the best of you. ^_^

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  • Tauren.valenti

    EPIC NEWS!!!!!!!!

    March 30, 2014 by Tauren.valenti

    Part 4 of my book series is almost complete! I can't wait!

    Part 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    I can't wait to go to Japan to actually be able to publish this into an anime!!!!!!!!!!

    And a movie series!!!!!!!!

    I can't wait to publish my book series..........

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  • SOMEGUY123

    MonoBook Layout

    March 25, 2014 by SOMEGUY123

    I took the time and fixed the MonoBook layout a bit. You can see the changes below.

    Le MonoBook before:

    Le MonoBook after:

    I might work on it a bit later.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Oh my god. Guys, I didn't even NEED the Random Page button this time to find this next pasta. Let's dive right into it! This is Jaxen ross.exe! 

    Write the first paragraph of your page here.

    Write the first section of your page here.

    Write the second section of your page here.

    WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? This already looks piss-poor. 

    you no the youtuber Jaxen?he made spinpasta wiki?and I saw a video by ....... I play it it start a logo (peppa pig -lost episode) it not made by Jaxen ross.and I say what (and I saw all episode by Jaxen ross)and I coppy hes episode and the new episode name



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  • Dr. Creepy

    Hey guys... this is my first blog post... and it's nothing special, just a 2:00 horror film I found on the internet called 'Lights Out'.

    Without furthur ado:

    NOTE: This is not mine.

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  • Corporal Adrian Shephard

    Why there are categories that uses a user's name? And is there a condition for a user to had his/her category?

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  • SlenderwomanSixx

    so HEY :) 

    Newcomer here, just thought I'd introduce myself to the community. -waves-

    So yes... I won't write out a long boring story about who I am, you can find all that useless info on my profile page xD (feel free to check it out.)

    In a nutshell: Aspiring author, working on the "Carly" story (posted it today, "I loved him... He was my friend" please check it out and comment/troll on it.)

    Basically most of, if not all, my stories will be in chapter form and will all have something to do with one of the already known monsters (so no make ups, just spin offs.)

    So if you like my work and have any story ideas you'd like me to work on or that WE could work on just send me a message (only AFTER the "Carly" story though. Too busy to start on anythi…

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  • Hybridwolf77

    i think we should have a thing to lock our articles from certain people so they cant ruin our stories same as creepypasta wiki

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  • TheMasterOfMadness

    Okay. The reason is actually because I am indeed insane. However that does mean I'm not half sane. Everyone, I repeat everyone has a "dark" or "killer" side. Apparently I've been insane since I was. That's a long time... Oh and if you feel that Jeff's trying to transform yew, squish him for me. I am done being confused and ushered to be like him. Yes. I have the capability to be him. I just won't. I can't. Not yet. Not here. Not while the others still try to defeat the great evil in me. Oh and the evil isn't Jeff. None of us know, but apparently its so powerful to the point that both slender and Jeff had to fight over me. In other words: goddamnit Jeff gimmie a break.

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  • WhiteReaper


    March 7, 2014 by WhiteReaper

    Just to share with you guys, I was checking my emails for the first time this year. It seems like around 3000 people visit this week every day, and 5-15 new people join daily. So yeah.

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  • Princess Callie


    March 3, 2014 by Princess Callie

    A lot of you have probably noticed how I have attached a new license to my works as well as made a template and added a blurb to the Site Rules. Well, this is because certain asshats accused me of plagiarizing a song (DJ Rainboom) and one of my stories (Tear Waster). I wrote these myself, and you know this due to them being here, and not everywhere else.

    I even told the products to making them. So now I have been forced to license my work in order to protect my work. The license assists in showing that I didn't not nor intend to plagiarize any form of work. Especially because the third party making the accusations provided no form of proof that I had. (Which there is none.) I even have said several times Tear Waster was based from a nightma…

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  • TheMasterOfMadness

    Erectin a series

    February 27, 2014 by TheMasterOfMadness

    So hopefully I will be able to continue my holes story... Part one is holes, part 2 is the pasta formulae. Also, the character is NOT just trying to be a Jeff, he is actually going against the real Jeff. If anyone wants me to implement them into the story, then I will need info. Not personal, just the personality and what you want to "become". By the way, the formulae actually mutated... Hence why the painter became faceless, but not slender.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    10: Mega Garchomp

    Thought regular Garchomp was way too broken already? THINK AGAIN! Yeah, that's why it's number 10. It still looks awesome, though.

    9: Mega Manectric

    This thing is a really, REALLY good Special Sweeper, especially when I boost it with my Smeargle's Geomancy/Baton Pass combo. But maybe it should have been a regular Evolution, or they should have made his desing more... different.

    8: Mega Houndoom

    It looks cool and it's a BEAST when you use Sunny Day before Mega Evolution (Solar Power), but like Manectric's, it should have been a regular evolution, or they should have made it more outstanding design-wise. We could have had a firey hell hound, but instead, his bones on his belly and horns took some steroids...

    7: Mega Alakazam


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  • Doctor Gordon Freeman


    February 23, 2014 by Doctor Gordon Freeman

    Is there any option where an owner can delete his/her blogs, and pasta? Because I got two useless blog posts and it drives me crazy when I open that blog posts.

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  • TheMasterOfMadness

    I finnally did it. The spin is called

    Holes. Please look.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Sorry guys, but I'm gonna cancel the SSPB series. I have a HUGE lack of characters and ideas, and I'm just not happy overall.

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  • The Infinite One

    Hello, Great Creators. It is I, The Infinite One, here to announce the arrival of the newest wiki on the web. It will be for the new book series which will be released in 2015. The series itself has no name, but the first book will be titled, "The End Of The Beginning". Three quick spoliers, (1.) The series is being called the "sci-fi Lord Of The Rings" becasue of its many memorable characters and different story lines, (2.) Many of it's characters were based off of popular Creepypasta and Spinpasta characters such as Jeff the Killer and Slender Man, (3.) None of the characters are even close to being human.

    Be sure to keep a look out for this new wiki, and know that I have full contact with the author, so all of the information given will …

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  • Heavy On Fire

    GUYS! I need new characters for Super Spinpasta Brawl, and lots of them! Keep 'em coming, or else the series might end up getting screwed!

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Earlier works

    February 9, 2014 by Heavy On Fire

    Guys, I'm starting to feel a bit... unsure about my earlier works. I already deleted a few, but I'm not very proud of the ones still remaining. Forget about them or assure me that they're good, please.

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  • I, Da Cashman

    Limp Bizkit Trilogy

    February 7, 2014 by I, Da Cashman

    So there's a decent chance that some of you are familiar with my first creepypasta, Limp Bizkit: The Video Game. Although it met all quality standards and had generally good reception over it's existance, LOLSKELETONS deleted it for "not meeting the wikia's quality standards."

    I'm hopeful that either he'll undo the deletion, but considering how big a backlog of deletion appeals he has to go through, I don't think that's going to happen.

    My original plan was to release the sequel on Spinpasta Wikia. It was to be released in two parts ("discs"), and titled Limp Bizkit: Gold Cobra. I've had it finished and edited for a while, but I want to release it at the same time as Limp Bizkit's new album Stampede of the Disco Elephants. (Which is taking abso…

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  • Purple Hyper Flame


    February 7, 2014 by Purple Hyper Flame

    OK, BIG admittance time...

    I have 3 selves, and one of them is becoming more profound while the other slides away.

    We have our names; Emma (the First Me), Emi (the Second) and Eli/zabeth (the Third, and hopefully, last)

    Elizabeth is the gentle one, if she was an animal, she'd be a dog; She is loyal, Shy, Kind, Gentle... All that stuff - what comes of being a Stained Angel.

    I am a "normal" girl who forgets a year as soon as it has ended, causing large blanks in memory to be taken over by ideas, images, sounds, and such like.

    Emi though... She's more complicated.

    From a lack of friends after a annoying teacher (lets just call her Beak-Nose for now) caused me to spend an entire year of Primary in a empty, forboding class room (disguised as a normal…

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  • Dark shadow 666

    I am trying to make one but I don't know where it is to start creating one. Help please?

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Guess what, guys? I clicked the Random Page button a few times, and what did I find? A pasta called: Silver.avi. And you know what a Sonic character with a .(insert file thing here) means, right? SONIC.EXE RIPOFFS! Which means I don't have to be constructive and can let my anger get the better off me. And with that, here comes:


    Please kill me already...

    My name is Emma, and I'm a huge of fan Sonic the Hedgehog. My favorite character was Silver the Hedgehog. Until the experience I had.Totally not familiar, everyone...

    It all started in 2012 this summer when I was on eBay looking for a Sonic game. I wanted to see if they had a Sonic 06 game for sale. I then saw one. I clicked on it and bought one. There was only one in stock and nob…

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  • Andyisepic

    I'm back!

    February 1, 2014 by Andyisepic

    Something happened to me a while back, and my sibiling is saying that it had to do with some... "Edmund" video I made.

    I think that is fake.

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  • Heavy On Fire

    Almost there!

    January 31, 2014 by Heavy On Fire

    Guys, we have about enough characters for the first part of SSPB! I'll write it tomorrow, so if you want to have a character or yourself in it right from the start, DO IT NOW!

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  • Heavy On Fire


    January 31, 2014 by Heavy On Fire

    Just like Godzillafan, I'm gonna try to find Spinpastas on here that I think are a bit... bad. Ok, if the writer of any of the pastas feels offended, this is not really ment as offense. I'm gonna try my best to stay calm and be as constructive as I can. And text with Italic is my dialogue. With that said, here is our first episode:

    "Mario 128"First off, the title is a bit weird.

    Hi, I like to play Mario games. But I hate one game: Super MARIO 128 Don't know what that is? Well, let me tell you

    .Umm... It's a bit cliché to start off with: "I like to play ---, but this game/experience called --- ruined it for me." 

    It all started when I saw that my friend was playing Super Mario 64; but a few days later, he gave it to me. He said, "I don't want to …

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  • Prextail202

    I tried uploading my creepypasta, first time it got deleted i understand, poor grammar, but next time i uploaded it i took a long time reading it over and editing it, and it got deleted again, i took a long time writing that, help?

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