• Fnafpro567

    How do I create a creepypasta? On the original page, it's on the front, but on here, it isn't. Where is it?

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  • Fireflowerman

    You know, I can understand why this kind of story would get deleted on the Creepypasta Wiki, But this is the SPINPASTA wiki! So, it's no big deal if I use several other characters from creepypasta's. The only, AND I MEAN ONLY, way I can see how this was deleted.. Is if the reason this was deleted was that I mispronounced parachute. But other that, there's NO other reason to remove this. So why was it removed!?

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  • XxMinerLeviXx

    A Confession

    July 21, 2015 by XxMinerLeviXx

    This is something that has been bugging me for awhile, so I may as well say it now. I'm not thirteen years old and I've been hiding that fact since July 19th 2014. I've got some sort of addiction to writing creepypasta. Please ban me if you must but set the time limit to be from today until 29th of November 2015 since that is when my thirteenth birthday will occur.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • Grizzly Bear

    is chat ded

    July 13, 2015 by Grizzly Bear

    where did everyone go?

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  • Cherry on Top110x

    just wanted to say have a good 4th of July as I may not be here to celebrate it with you all (well I won't be) but everyone take care and enjoy their time they have with family and stuff x bye 

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  • Silvekéir

    Temporary absense

    July 1, 2015 by Silvekéir

    So, starting tomorrow, I will be taking a temporary absense, not getting back until July 29th. I will still be able to check my Skype and Facebook, but unable to appear in chat. Until then, ciao.

    Silvekéir (talk) 02:23, July 1, 2015 (UTC)

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  • MisterInebriation

    So, I've been noticing that despite the site being described as "a wiki dedicated to spinoffs of the more well known Creepypastas" on the main page, it seems to lack most of the best ones. I mean, Candle Cove: Day of the Dead and The Sandman are on here, but Seven Days and The Slender Man: Misunderstood are nowhere to be found. I'm just wondering if there is any specific reason that these stories are only on the creepypasta wiki and not here.

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  • Shadowpokemongiratina

    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that my first pasta, Pokemon Evils Chapter One: Galactic Distortion was just uploaded by yours truly. I could use some feedback on it so I can improve my writing. I'm not sure when I'll be writing the next instalment, it depends on how much you guys like this one. If I do upload more in the series, I'll probably stick with Cyrus and Giratina for a couple chapters, then move on to a new set of characters. Please check out my pasta, hope you all like it! :)

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  • Xelrog T. Apocalypse

    This post is mostly for the sake of other staff members (but anyone's welcome to read it, of course), and is just an explanation of my absence for the past few weeks. To put it bluntly, there was a period where I'd just gotten tired of people and needed a break from online interaction, meaning I pretty much stopped browsing entirely--across all communities, not just this one. There were a few things that contributed to this turn of events:

    • Lots of busywork with college, helping a friend move, and other projects
    • Lack of free time for creative projects
    • General misanthropy
    • Getting a 3DS

    I like to think those are in order of relevance. One week became two, then three... now that summer courses are starting up and other obligations are done with, I …

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  • CrazyWords

    Hey guys, CrazyWords here! I need a little help managing the M4R category page, as some of the pastas should be marked for deletion, some of them should be taken off the page, and some need to stay put. So is anyone willing to help me review them all?

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  • Ravagerofrepent

    Is it me or does jeff the killer sound like the creepiest advert for nightol sleeping pills to ever have been subjected to the minds of ismmonia sufferers.

    Picture the scene.

    A man is tossing and turning in bed with his eyes closed, unsuccesfully trying to get some shuteye, and all of a sudden he is woken up by the raspy voice of Jeff the killer saying " Go to sleep". The man wakes up terrified to see a crazy albino kid/man/thing standing over hin.

    Usually, this is the climax of a jeff the killer story.

    Instead though, instead of pulling out a knife that would make crocodile dundee weep, He pulls out a bottle of sleeping pills.

    The camera crew come in and jeff immediately switches from a hoarse raspy voice to a deep comercial voice and starts s…

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  • Ravagerofrepent


    Well, where do I start.

    My name is morgan and I'm a student.

    I hope that I can contribute to this wiki in a way that would benefit the wiki community. Don't be shy to leave any messages on my talk page.

    Oh and if senior kickurass is reading this then you definetly need to leave a message. but thats your choice.

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  • SorrowPasta

    Um... Hi.

    Allow me to introduce myself, my name is "Sorrow Pasta" and I'm kind of a new member to each wiki (CreepyPasta,Trollpasta,even this very site. I myself have also created a new wiki known as "Imagination Insanitorium", a site which let's any user let their imagination run wild (any OC is welcome to it if the user likes). But right now, it's still in development)

    I'm a gamer, deviantartist, and a noob at CreepyPasta narrating... But I'm getting there.

    So, that's my introduction and hello everyone.

    Until next time, Keep Calm and Sorrow Spreads. Good day.

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  • Captain Jack Dogeblade

    I have been informed by some members of the sog wikia ( some ordinary gamer wikia) that a bad writer has come to spinpasta going by the name InsaneKetta .His stories are super crap and i advise you not to read em .also smoke weed everyday peace

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  • InsaneKetta

    I finally saw that The Sophia Show Unknown Episode saga got pretty popular, so I decided it would be time for a fourth one. This time, it will be a on-going blog, John (From part 1, 2, and 3) is (possibly) dead as he was taken to a hospital. If you liked Part 2 and 3, you'll love this. There will be a "crossover" of FNAF and The Sophia Show in this one, so all you FNAF fans will be enjoy it. This may explain the origin of FazBear Entertainment.

    - InsaneKetta, author of The Sophia Show Unknown Episode.

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  • Jadengarvey12345678910


    March 21, 2015 by Jadengarvey12345678910

    Hi there oh don't worry welcome you may post here

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  • CrazyAwesomeGamerGirl

    Ok, so, I had a question that I was wondering if anyone could answer. If your read creepypastas, is it possible that it could bring demons or entities into your home? I ask this because a good friend of mine said that she was no longer allowed to watch a popular tv show called "Supernatural" due to the demonic nature and the fear/possibility of bringing in a demon. So, is this possible?

    (If this is posted twice, I am terribly sorry. I tried posting it before, but it didn't say that it did.)

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  • CrazyAwesomeGamerGirl

    Ok, so, I had a question that I was wondering if anyone could answer. If your read creepypastas, is it possible that it could bring demons or entities into your home? I ask this because a good friend of mine said that she was no longer allowed to watch a popular tv show called "Supernatural" due to the demonic nature and the fear/possibility of bringing in a demon. So, is this possible?

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  • Shining-Armor

    So seeing that the admins of this site have made the decision to fork and abandon this site in favor of Spnpasta Wiki. Seeing as this wiki already has a lot of content and a decent size user-base I really don't think it's a good idea to just pack up and move to a whole other wiki.

    What can we do then? We have no admins.

    Well this is true but we do have the option to elect a new admin to take over the site and perform the necessary maintenance that is currently not being performed. This being said I'd like to adopt this wiki (of course with the backing of the current user-base).

    While I have had a rough past with creepypasta wikis in the past I am confident that those days are behind me. I feel that I have the needed knowledge to run this site…

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  • CrazyAwesomeGamerGirl

    Ok, so, maybe I've just been reading way to many creepypastas, but lately I've been paranoid that one of the creepypastas has been watching me. I don't know why. Hell, I don't even know if they are real. Can someone please help me and tell me if they are real? And if they are real, how do you know if they are following/watching you? Thank you in advanced. I would research some pastas further, but If they are watching me, I dont want to put myself into any more danger than necessary....

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  • DavidTayler97

    Give me a topic!

    December 15, 2014 by DavidTayler97

    Hi fellow Spinpasta lovers, My name is David, and I'm feeling like I should talk to you. I want to write a pasta. In fact I already have. The Zalgo Incident. it's somewhat mild and not all that eventful but feel free to look at it anyway and tell me what you think. Anyway, I would like a topic to write about. I'll take anything except 'lost episode/game' pastas. Thanks for reading this Happy Terror, David

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  • InsaneJason179

    Hehe. Yes, I've been thinking of making a .exe Creepypasta. Most likely worthwhile doing so. Heeh.

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  • Roxy434x

    my story i will be writing.

    November 10, 2014 by Roxy434x

    Hello everyone.

    Im writing a story about laughing jack but mine will be different in many way. I will tell you what it is basically it is about a lady called Maria and she has a loving husbend called Jason and a beautiful daughter called Bella. Maria's experience with Jack is when she was younger he would come to her when she was upset and lonely, although she had her friend Beth (her only friend) she was lonely her parents died when she was 17 and the only time she was happy was when she was with Beth and Jack. Maria forgets everything about Jack and carried on with her life until Beth came round scared as hell and said 'He's back' but little do they know he is not after Beth he wants Maria and Bella....

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  • Monochrome-aki

    Hey guys! i just joined spin pasta wiki so im a little new to this ^^; i just wanted to let you know i am new to writing creepy pasta stuff but im planning on more scary storys soon, i do have some grammar issues but that is because of a disability i have so please refrain from correcting me as i don't like it very much i hope you will all like my Writings! and that your all a lot friendlier than those on the creepy pasta wiki (theyre mean T^T) thank you for your time, stay tuned for some more storys from me!

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  • Victoriaholland54

    More About Me

    October 16, 2014 by Victoriaholland54

    Hello guys, I'm Victoria Holland, but call me Tori. I am a rookie at this site.

    Favorite Pasta: Jeff The Killer

    Favorite food: Pasta Salad

    Favorite hobbies: Writing, drawing, and researching.

    Job: None

    Hates: The color pink, mean people, and school.

    Likes: CreepyPasta, anime, video games, gore, writing, and drawing.

    Description about where I live: Near a forest.... corn everywhere.

    Pasta's I created: Wanna See A Magic Trick?, Slice n Dice, The Heart Ripper, and The Hanging Of A Singer.

    CreepyPasta I hate: Happy Appy. I don't know why.... I just didn't like it.

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  • FoxyloxykrabbeFLK

    Hey guys today I'm gonna be talking about the site updates of my pasta ocs GLITCH.exe.jpg and daisabelle. I will be making new updates and more pastas related to them soon, but for now I'll think on how to make them. I'm thinking on making an origin pasta for glitch, then kind of a chapter story to daisabelle since the actual pasta I made for her is an origin pasta. But until then please leave in the comments if you have any ideas for their pastas!

    (Main charactors for daisabelle: daisabelle, her friend *don't know her name yet* and random pedestrians.)

    (Main charactors for Glitch' s origin story: glitch, daisabelle, fionna the human/glitch)

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  • Namrfreak

    Dark side

    October 11, 2014 by Namrfreak

    Hey guys :) my name is Nora ( sorry for bad grammar) 

    Favorite Creepy pasta: Jeff THe Killer

    Favorite bands: BVB, PTV, ATL,AA,BOTDF, WTK, and Simple Plan

    Favorite candy: Twix ouo

    Favorite movie: The devil inside of me

    Favorite thing to do is: Climb trees and scream weird shit. Be a panda.

    My best friend: Matthew, Zach ,and Patrick.

    My eyes: Right brown left igreen

    height: 5'2

    hair color: is charry red with blonde and brown in it.

    birthday: 02-01-01

    favorite color: Rainbow, but zach like purple o-o

    From: USA

    Favorite place: Under the bridge

    Love scaring people it fun (: 

    That all i got about me hope u guys like it and ill write creepy pasta storys soon (: The photo is me (:

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  • GodzillaFan1

    The Color Scheme

    September 28, 2014 by GodzillaFan1

    I know I'm very late for saying this, but... I love the purple and black color scheme. Looks very nice.

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  • AndraLePasta


    September 25, 2014 by AndraLePasta

    Yo! I am Andra.

    Yeah I'm a lil Creepy and weird, sometimes DEEP WEB weird... When I'm around the people who hang out with me I keep tell them that I'll kill them all... But those are just sick jokes... I love heavy metal, but I'll talk about that later...

    Anyways... Hi! Andra's the name (I know, I just told you that) , I like Creepypastas, the first one I ever read was Slender man, my favorite is Jeff the Killer, one of the reasons I like it is because... Well, in a twisted weird way, sometimes I see Jeff as a male psychopath twisted version of me, because like he has to deal with his insanity, I have to deal with my lonelyness... Like him I was bullied, but unlike Jeff I hidded myself in the shadows while Jeff fighted back, regardless of th…

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  • AwesomeTrinket

    Herobrine's Lullaby

    September 19, 2014 by AwesomeTrinket

    So, I made a pasta on the Writer's Workshop, and I would like feedback, please.

    Herobrine's Lullaby

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  • Kanra is back

    OW KANO!!!

    September 14, 2014 by Kanra is back


    I am here walking around in circles

    But then you, Kano, slapped my ass!!

    I just want to make my presence known

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  • Marioguy5733

    If you are wondering what you can talk about here, you can post your own short stories to my blog for me to review, and I might consider making you a friend if it isn't a troll pasta.

    Some categories I do NOT approve of are: Jeff the Killer, Sonic.exe and Mario spinpastas.

    Good day to you all. - MG5733

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  • GJ Fredbear

    My pasta I'm making

    September 9, 2014 by GJ Fredbear

    Hey, guys. I'm making plans to make a pasta "Fredcifer Figglebub". It's not a lost episode pasta but a novel pasta. It is also the "Anti-Fred Figglehorn novel".

    The story takes place after Fred Figglhorn was banned by Nickalodean and YouTube when he failed to receive positive reviews for his trilogy films by the end of 2012, Fred reveal his evil true identity (since people didn't realize that he's secretly evil) as a absolutely horrific villain and Satan's child. Mr. and Mrs. Figglehorn isn't his real parents but Satan is his only real father. His real satanic name is "Fredcifer Figglebub". His gruesome role is killing every "un-believers who refuse to bow down to him", eating human's flesh, and being the final world government.

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  • Muchacha

    I'm telling the truth guys.

    September 9, 2014 by Muchacha

    I did not bring the spammers here, I only linked to ERB from here, so I really don't know how this happened unless Lei or someone else mentioned Spinpasta, unintentionally bringing the spammers. Yet you refuse to believe me and ban me for 2 weeks.

    Now drama's going to stir up and the trial will be aborted and it will be all my fault and you will hate me forever, I know it. I never wanted the trolls to come to SPWC to ruin the trial. I'm sorry I linked you to ERB in the first place. I just want you to believe me and unban me.

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  • Fatal Disease

    We Are Understaffed

    September 7, 2014 by Fatal Disease

    Originally, I wanted to do this in the next 15 days to see my view (hence why I stopped editing for the time being). But what with current stuff happening, I feel that this is necessary for this time period.

    We are understaffed on this wiki. And I don't mean understaffed on the wiki to where we have a lack of users in the right. We are understaffed by lack of users who give out, and it's by all the rights on the site (this includes RCaDC members, admins, why even we lack bureaucrats on the site because of this).

    During the time that I went on vacation and got back, there were only two, maybe three users with rights who were helping around the site by deleting stories, updating rules, ect. As I got back, I felt like I was mostly the only one wh…

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  • Toadtoad12345

    QnA blog

    September 5, 2014 by Toadtoad12345

    This is a QnA blog, ask me stuff here pls

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  • XXProValenciaXx

    My Absences

    September 3, 2014 by XXProValenciaXx

    Now, you may or may not care whether I left or not and I found out no-one really cares except Cassist really. Most times I'm on, the chat is either "normal" as you call it or just chaos. This has happened in many occasions, this chat has become a probational area, the trollpasta chat is a husk of lifelessness and creepypasta has shutdown the chat until this probation on the spinpasta chat is over. This has been caused by many of the people here who I may or may not have been referring to but long story short, I am leaving. This has been making me freak out sometimes at just correcting the denizens of this Wikia's writing is enough, I will be leaving but I will not stop writing on Creepypasta and trollpasta, I just need a break from chat


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  • Fatal Disease

    I'm taking another break.

    This time there'll be no blocks on my account or me not revoking my rights.

    The reason is that I feel not welcomed by some, if not most of the community on the pasta wikis because I am still held down by my mistakes in early July.

    If that's not the case and it's me over exaggerating this a bit, then it'll be for stress issues (since I am falling back to the stages that I was before the block was implemented on me).

    I'll help out whenever I am on and will be seen updating the polls for PotM (as my usual duty), but it'll be a decrease in activity to actually... think and do stuff, I guess, from today (August 27th) till October 20th.

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  • Lei Omaki

    Since a lot of people ask me on how to pronounce my name (god it's like how to pronounce/spell my first name in real life), here's a very simple guide. Okay? Here it is:

    Lei is pronounced as Lay (not Lee

    Omaki is pronounced as Oh-ma-kee 

    So all in all, my name is pronounce as Lay Oh-ma-kee

    You get it? Alright, are we good? Good. Now you know

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  • Forestfleet

    Pasta Series Idea

    August 18, 2014 by Forestfleet

    So, I've had a Pokepasta (surprised those aren't blacklisted yet) idea where a boy basically ends up dragged in the pokeworld because cursed hacked games and all that, however he simply saves himself by showing the creature about to kill him that he cares. This continuously goes on with more and more sequels of people about to be killed only for the boy to save them. However, to make this still be somewhat scary is it will have atmosphere and suspense.

    Now, the question is, who thinks this a good idea? A creative logical idea? A weird but it could work idea? A "post that on freepasta or trollpasta, you muffin-basket" idea?"

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  • Zyraииe

    An Apology

    August 17, 2014 by Zyraииe

    You see, today, at the start of the trial, I was positive. I thought to myself I would change, be mature, be less angsy. Yeah well, things changed. I had a pretty bad mood swing a few hours ago, haven't had one in a while. All the thoughts I had earlier, all the promises to change, yep, all out the window. Thing is when I'm in that state, I don;t care, that is...until I am neutral again, and I regret it all. In all honesty I'm embarrassed. I was an absolute ass, I was angsty and just horrible to be around. 

    I want you to know that it's not my true personality. The happy zy, the one who jokes and laughs, that;s the real Zy. I hate how this is making me look like a asshole person. It all happened quickly; one minute I was laughing and joking,…

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  • Megafan321


    August 15, 2014 by Megafan321

    Sorry if i'm gone for awhile. my computer has been giving me issues as of late so i won't be on much forvalittle while until I get these issues delt with. I am also saving up alot of stories to post in the mean time. I hope to get them up as soon as I can when I come back. See you guys soon

    The Unlucky Researcher (talk) 17:16, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • BENNY Drowned

    MY Intro

    August 14, 2014 by BENNY Drowned

    If anyone Is wondering why I am not very active is be cause I love the woods and camp in forests a lot . And as trees usually do they don't give off a Wi-Fi signal.My favorite Creepy Pastas are BEN Drowned and Laughing Jack . My favorite hobbies are watching hockey , writing (I am currently writing my own story for a contest in a library) ,drawing , camping, singing , reading , watching horror movies and learning new languages as German. Me and my friends group up and write down and info on lost animal signs and if we find a stray we try finding its owner or we raise it and in a few weeks we find it a good home. I am currently obsessed with flags and now collect tiny flags and put them in my room . My favorite colors are black , gray , and…

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  • BENNY Drowned

    Hi guys , I am having a hard time of deciding what to read. This is all very new to me , as I have never been on this Wikia . Just want to start getting a hang of being on this site . I would love it if someone could show me as to where I can find info of how to make a Spinpasta .If you could give me some good reads I could look at it would be highly appreciated . :) BENNY Drowned (talk) 01:25, August 15, 2014 (UTC)BENNY Drowned

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  • Xelrog T. Apocalypse

    Yes, that's right. It's time for a guide about trolling... sort of. This isn't about the kind you do in comment sections. Seriously, stop that. That's being a dick. No, this is a guide about writing trollpastas. Contrary to popular belief, there is a very clear distinction between a good trollpasta, and a bad one. Like any other type of pasta, most... are the bad kind. Here's some tips on how to hopefully make sure yours isn't the bad kind.

    Know what a trollpasta is and what you're trying to accomplish.

    Let's make this clear. A trollpasta is a parody of bad creepypastas. It takes the things that make bad creepypastas bad, such as overused plot elements, abundant clichés, and poor writing structure, and exaggerates them to a ridiculous degree. …

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  • Xelrog T. Apocalypse

    Last time, we covered some basic principles of writing a decent, not-terrible creepypasta. This time, we'll cover some basic principles on being a decent, not-terrible commenter on creepypastas.

    "But Xelrog, I already know how to comment appropriately!"

    Yeah, well, if that were true, I wouldn't be Angry Xelrog and I wouldn't be here having to write this right now. So sit down, shut up, and listen here.

    Don't be a dick.

    This one's just plumb obvious. Don't troll people for reactions, don't post attacks on them or try to start smear campaigns, and don't call a pasta bad unless you're ready and willing to back it up with details. We'll get to that last one more in-depth come Rule 3. The bottom line is, try to act like you were saying something fac…

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  • Foxy The Pirate Fox

    I did join Creepypasta wiki some time ago so i figure i would join this one as well, i wonder if i be able to do good and have much fun on here as much as the other wiki, and happy to all on here c:

    ApiphobiaApiphobia (talk) 22:09, August 7, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Evinkar

    looking for more info

    August 5, 2014 by Evinkar

    I have all of my old paperwork from Charter Hospital, Trying to locate it all so I can give more specifics regarding my time there.

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  • Steve 2014

    Is there someone from Japan that can help me by translating this? Thanks.

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  • Xelrog T. Apocalypse

    Many of you who know good ol' Xelrog, know that he is not an angry man. However, I, like many, can't help but facepalm when I see a pasta with such cringeworthy mistakes—most of them, mistakes too bad to just be the result of inexperience in writing. And boy oh boy, do I see plenty such pastas on a daily basis. Most of them fall flat on their faces come rule 1. For the rare few that get past that, there's usually a hiccup somewhere else down the line that hurts the author and his or her creepypasta. And so, here's a prioritized (that's important) list on how to write a good creepypasta... and more importantly, how NOT to.

    Take the time to type well. Proofread. Use an automated spell-check if you absolutely must. If you must, proofread it ag…

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