A little girl woke up to see a shadow move into her room. A man, with a smile cut into his face, slowly stepped out of the shadows holding a bloody knife.

He laughed. “Another one tonight.” He stuck his knife into her stomach and slowly twisted.

She screamed loudly. He laughed “No-one can hear you.” He pulled the knife out. She crawled into her parents' room.

She shouted desperately “Mom, Dad, help.” She pulled on her mother’s hand and a head rolled off the bed. It was her mother’s.

She cried there. The man viciously stabbed her multiple times.

The girl shouted, “You are a killer. A murderer!!!”

The man said, “I am Jeff the Killer and I will enjoy this.”

He stuck the knife right into her back and he slowly dragged it down into her spine. She screamed loudly.

A man shouted, “Jacob, Ellie. Damn it, Cassie please tell me you are safe.”

Jeff said “I’ll be right back to kill you.”

The man saw Jeff run down the stairs with a bloody knife, and he fired his gun, missing Jeff. Jeff stabbed him in the throat, splattering blood across the walls. Jeff returned to her.

Jeff asked laughing “So which one are you?”

The girl said “My name is Cassie, you monster.”

Jeff laughed “I have heard that before.”

Cassie said “One day I will have you in this position where you are helpless and terrified.”

Jeff laughed “That will never happen.”

Jeff grabbed his knife and dragged it down her leg. She gritted her teeth to prevent herself from screaming.

Jeff shouted angrily “I want to hear you scream.”

He ruthlessly stabbed her all over her body. He then stuck his knife into her neck. He ran out of the building. The next morning, a whole police squad was outside the building. The Police Chief was in the building.

He said “We have four casualties, two men, one woman and a small child”

One of the officers said “So we we got a murder case, this is unusual we haven’t had a murder in 20 years.”

The police chief said, “Jacobs was a good friend.”

He looked at Cassie, he said, “Poor girl, she didn't deserve to die,” tearing up. He touched her face and looked saddened. Her arm grabbed his face and she shouted “Help me.”

The police chief shouted “Get the paramedic in here,now, we have a survivor!!!”

Cassie is carried into the ambulance. The Police Chief got in the ambulance as well.

The police chief asked “Who did this?”

Cassie replied “Jeff the Killer.”

The Police Chief said “This is worse than I feared.”

Cassie stood up. The Police Chief watched her stand up. He said “You should sit down.”

She shouted “I will find you Jeff and next time I will be on top.”

The police chief said, "I will handle this don't you worry." She laid back down on the bed.

At the hospital, Cassie was rushed into emergency. They tried to put her under anaesthesia. Her eyes glowed white, she sat up, her wounds closed, her teeth were as sharp as razors, her skin changed to an ice like colour, and her fingers turned to sharp claws.

She jumped out the window. She ran from building to building and was sitting on the roof. She saw Jeff entering a house with a family of four, two adults and two kids. She followed him into the house. Jeff walked up the stairs and into the parents room with the knife.

Jeff said, “My first killing of the night.”

Cassie asked rhetorically “So you are doing this again?”

Cassie brutally tore his right leg off and ate it slowly as she followed him into the room. The parents asked “Who are you?”

Cassie said “I’m Cassie, a Hellraiser and I am her to bring this man Hell.”

Jeff said “You’re... that little girl.”

Cassie said “I remember telling you I would have you in a position in which you are helpless.”

She walked towards him. He desperately swung his knife. She grabbed his arm, and casually ripped it out of its socket.

She then covered her claw like hand in blood and wrote on the wall in big bloody letters, “I am Cassie, I am living embodiment of Hell”.

Jeff pulled out a phone and made a call. A voice asked “What’s wrong?” and Jeff said, “I am going to be murdered by this demon.”

The voice said “Jeff, what happened.”

Jeff said “Slenderman I have no time for this ... aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Cassie said “Now you scream like a little pathetic girl.” Cassie dragged Jeff down the stairs. She dragged her claws along his back.

Jeff shouted “You *****.”

Cassie said as she cut deeper into his back “I have held this side of myself back for all my life for the sake of my family but now I have no reason to hold it back anymore, I am a monster.”

The two kids looked at her with the parents in front of her.

The parents said, “You are no better than him then.”

Cassie said “It was only one day ago, I was trying to be a normal kid but this man took everything from me.”

A tall gentleman with no face walked through the door. He looked at Jeff.

Jeff begged “Slenderman, help me.” Slenderman grabbed Cassie with his tentacles and slammed her into the floor knocking her out.

Slenderman shouted, “If this happens again I will be very angry."

He grabbed Jeff's leg and arm. He then grabbed Cassie and takes her with him.

Jeff shouted, “Why are you taking her with us?”

Slenderman said, “She is like us.”

Cassie woke up in a strange room. Slenderman walked in.

Cassie shouted “How dare you stop me?”

Slenderman said “Jeff is one of us a monster, this is a haven for monsters.”

Cassie said “So you brought me here to be amongst my own kind.”

Slenderman said “In part yes in part I would like to keep eye on you, you were quite capable, I need capable people.”

Cassie said “I’m in, just if I see Jeff again I may kill him.”

Slenderman said “He is not alone here, you will not be able to kill him here.”

Cassie said “Fine, I’ll stay I have nowhere else to go.”

Slenderman said “Good.”

Cassie said “Forgive me, father, mother, but I will keep going.”

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