"Goodnight, don't let my bloody scythe bite"

-Quote from Bipolar Bonny

"Night-Night, don't let my baseball bat strike"

-Quote from Bipolar Bonny

Bipolar Bonny is a young girl who loses half of her sanity, killing all of her friends & sisters who underestimated her.


Bipolar Bonny is a 20-year-old female who currently lives in Canada. Her parents were immigrants from China, but moved to Canada years later. Her parents and younger brother are still alive. She started killing half of her family and her fake friends when she was around 18 years old. 


Physically, Bipolar Bonny is a 5'5" pale-skinned female with mid-back, naturally straight jet black hair and dark brown eyes. When she was younger, she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Seborrheic Dermatitis around her under-eyes so it appears to be reddish, causing her to get judged and pressured by others, including her fake friends and 3 older sisters. She was born with wide, down-turned eyes which caused more staring making her more self-conscious. She doesn't regularly wear masks while killing people, but if she feels self-conscious about herself, she wears a black mouth mask covering her mouth and nose. She can sometimes be seen with a loose ponytail because of how annoying she thinks her hair is when she's on a killing spree. Other than that, when she's doing something else other than a killing spree, she lets her hair down.

Bipolar Bonny tends to wear an over-sized black sweater and black stretchable leggings. She loves over-sized fluffy sweaters, due to how cozy they are. She usually wears black sweaters, but she can sometimes be seen wearing a dark green or a light pink if she's in a good mood. When she's in a bad mood, you can see crying marks that are a bit grey-ish black. People assume she wears heavy makeup to cover her conditions, but she despises makeup.


Bipolar Bonny can get flustered easily. She is rather polite to others, but has major trust issues. When she's positive, she never hides it. She can sometimes be uncontrollable and be very hyper, but she still manages to control herself. When she is negative, sadism and sarcasm are the emotions that take over her. She can have moments when she cries, but she'll get over it. She is very fond of dancing and humming. She has a big talent of singing, which can also help her lure her victims to instant death. She also sings as a hobby. She is slightly fluent in Korean, but only when she sings Korean songs. She is rather better at Cantonese than Mandarin. Other than killing fake friends, she also kills anybody who makes her angry or depressed, but only if they have more bad traits than good traits. She might curse at some people, but some don't blame her because she's obviously uncontrollable. Due to all the verbal abusing she went through with her younger brother, she decided not to kill her brother. Most of the insults thrown at her were from her judge-mental grandparents, too.

Powers and Abilities 

She has the ability to sing and seduce (mostly singing) to lure her victims away from society. She has several weapons of her choice, such as her handmade baseball bat (made of steel) and the Lullaby Knife. The Lullaby Knife is a ritual scythe, resulting in her victims to 'fall asleep' from her lullaby.)  

This is the lullaby she sings to her victims before she kills them;  

"Hush sweet victim don’t make a squeal,

And don’t say a word or they’ll come here

It’s just me under your bed,

In your closet, in your head!

So exit light and go bye-bye,

Or you’ll regret your life tonight."

She is the best at speed and strength, mostly from her athletic traits from when she was younger. She's the worst at climbing , so that should be an opportunity to lose her for a few minutes. She was born without the knowledge of swimming, which is a bigger opportunity for you to escape. (if you can swim) She can also lure her victims away into the forests by making 'crying' sounds. Don't get fooled so easily by her abilities.  


  • Bipolar Bonny was created by Hopeless BonBon 
  • Bipolar Bonny isn't really good at gymnastics, or any activities including flexibility. (another reason why she killed her sisters)
  • She's very fond of sports & eating; but never gets the chance to play sports with people, because they don't want to play with her.
  • She named herself 'Bipolar Bonny' because she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder when she was only 12-years-old. 
  • When she was younger, she was bullied by her name 'Bonny'.
  • She was made fun of by her 'curvy' body, because it was uncommon in her days. She was often called "Fatso" or "Curved Disappointment"
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