Barra Barra; Sadness, hate and arbitrary reign.

Barra Barra; Destruction, jealousy; there is no trust left to gain.

Barra Barra; There is thirst; the people are unlucky.

Barra Barra; There is no honor, only oppression and slavery.

Barra Barra; The rivers dried up and the seas ruined everything.

Barra Barra; The stars were switched off and the sun is done setting.

Barra Barra; There is neither good, nor happiness, nor luck anymore.

Barra Barra; There are no trees left and the birds have stopped singing.

Barra Barra; There are neither nights nor days left, only darkness.

Creator of the song: Rachid Taha

Text by: Rockamorow

Rachid taha - barra barra

Rachid taha - barra barra

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