• I doubt any of you out there have really ever heard about the show Back at the Barnyard'". If you have, then you’re one of the lucky ones, as this show had a rather unmentioned showing during its lineup. Now, to give a brief explanation of the show for those of you who don’t know about it.

Does anyone know the TV show Back at the Barnyard? It’s a show created in 2007 by writer Steve Oedekerk, the same man who worked on Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. The series itself is a spin-off from the original movie Barnyard that was made to detail the day to day life of animals that lived on the Barnyard. The show stars seven main characters; Otis the Bull, Abby the Cow, Pig the well...Pig, Freddy the Ferret, Peck the Rooster, Bessie the Cow, Duke the Dog, and Pip the mouse. These characters would pretty much go around on random, silly adventures (often annoying their next door neighbor Mrs. Beady or getting tormented by a child by the name of Eugene aka Snotty Boy). To further explain each character, as well as help you get a better understanding of what I saw, I'll give a small summary of them.

Otis: A male black and white bull with udders who enjoys having parties and generally being the downfall of most of the characters on the show. Otis is (quite literally) a carefree bull that tends to exploit and manipulate his friends to try and get them to do his bidding. He is also the leader of the Barnyard.

Abby: A female tan and brown cow, with dirty blond hair and a very heavy Texas accent. She is very talented at sports, carving, as well as anything to do with the west. She is also Otis's love interest in the show. While she is a very kind and considerate animal, she has moments where she could be a very violent person if pushed off the edge.

Pig: A very fat, pink, and lazy character. His personality consist of him literally eating everything that he could get his hooves on. While he is a huge glutton in the series, he's actually a very charming and funny character. He's rather knowledgeable in certain traits of cooking and mechanics. He also has his own segments of the show where he interrupts the show to do a "viewer mail" skit every few episodes.

Pip: A small grey mouse who lives in the Barnyard with the other animals. He's seen to be a very wisecracking smart-aleckey kind of person (often to Freddy).He also has a crush on another cow by the name of Bessie. Despite his wisecracking and sarcasm, he is a very energetic mouse who would often prove himself useful if needed.

Bessie: A chocolate brown cow with a cow tag on her left ear. She is very bossy, insensitive, and

what most would consider an "asshol a"as well as just plain cruel at times. She would often attack the other animals is she was angry for any reason. Not only that, she would also insult her friends ( with the exception of Abby) at any point in time of the day.

Peck: A young rooster who considered the weakest out of all the characters. He is a small, red rooster with very little feathers. He is shown to be very intelligent, as he has his own class where he teaches other small animals. He also very accident prone, and this is evident with him getting either hit by a meteor or just have general misfortune plague him during an episode. He is also the best friend of Freddy the Ferret. While it's not been discussed in the show, it is unknown if Peck knows about Freddy's carnivorous background, or if he even knows if his friend wants to eat him.

Freddy: A large, rounded orange ferret that also lives on the Barnyard with the other animals. He is a ferret that seems to suffer from many different psychological problems (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and multiple personality disorder, to name a few). He is also an open vegetarian, and possibly bisexual, ferret who is a loveable little oaf. Despite Freddy's mental health problems, he is the most likeable/loveable of all the characters in the show. He is kind, forgiving, and a bit of a dunce as well. Freddy also has a best friend in Peck the Rooster, and would often try to eat his best friend, albeit hesitantly. He also treated very poorly by the other animals, and often discriminated against because of him being a ferret.

Duke: A black and white dog similar to a beagle, and is the pet of the farmer. He was often a straight man who didn’t want to go on whatever adventure was happening at the time and got dragged into it. Despite that, he was fun loving most of the time, but he understood his job watching the animals was more important.

Mrs. Beady: Is one of the major focuses of the show. She is a middle aged woman with a long blue and pink dress, pink glasses connected with chains, and pink high heels. She is one of the main antagonists of the show, often trying to expose the animals by means of video cameras, phones, and pictures. However, she is often thwarted by Otis in her attempts, and would often make a fool of herself . She has a nephew by the name of Eugene (aka Snotty Boy), and would often babysit him.

Now that you've gotten the gist of the show, as well as the characters, let me tell you about an episode that was supposed to be the original series finale of the show.

In 2011, Steve Oedekerk had had plans to make a two hour long season finale of the show Back at the Barnyard. This episode would be the first episode of Season 3, right after the Season 2 episode "Aliens", and would also be the start up for the Season 3 plot. Unfortunately, Nickelodeon canceled the show before the episode itself could even be animated or casted for that manner. This of course was a huge disappointment for Mr. Oedekerk, as he had a relatively new concept for the show, and that episode was going to show it. Steve Oedekerk had an idea to try and make the show more like the movie; darker themes, an actual plot, controversial topics, and more character development in the show. Oedekerk himself was originally going to bring back a few of the characters from the original movie into the series, to act as either side or main characters. He also spent much time and energy with the writers to get the show the way he wanted it to be made for the Season 3 premiere. This episode he worked on was called "Operation Barnyard". Sadly, it only got as far to the script, before the show was eventually canceled. Years passed, and the script for the show was ultimately forgotten by Mr. Oedekerk after the production of Planet Sheen, and given to a few interns to properly dispose of it. This is how I managed to come across this script. No, I wasn't an intern at Nickelodeon, or did I have any connections to Nickelodeon in general. I am a 21 year old man who currently lives in a nice, spacious, two bedroom apartment in downtown Los Angeles. I work in construction 48 hours a week, and I often have to pass by the main studio to get to my job at the paper mill. With that being said, I had always wanted to snoop around a studio like that. However, I knew that doing something like that would not only put my job in jeopardy, but it would also cost me my clean police record. Now, as I was driving home from work, I was stopped by a large garbage truck making its way out of the parking lot at Nickelodeon studios. Not only was it doing that, but it was also carrying a large, two ton dumpster in its "claws". Now, I had been a bit too close to the truck, but what happened next really pissed me off. As the garbage truck was lifting the dumpster into the air to dump its contents into the back of the vehicle, one of the claws slipped, and the dumpster tipped slightly, covering my car with garbage.

"You've got to be kidding me," were the words that I yelled out as boxes, papers, and small wrapped trash bags poured onto my car like ice cream in a fat kids mouth.

I wasn't really having a great day, and this garbage certainly didn't help things. After half of the contents buried my car in a sea of discarded office supplies, the garbage truck man filled his truck, placed the dumpster down, and drove off. I honestly was livid after that. Not only did this asshole dump fifty pounds of crap on my car, but he also had the audacity to just drive off like nothing had ever happened. I made a mental note to kick this guy's ass when I got the chance, an opened my front door. As I expected, there was trash all over the place. However, the few good things that didn't happen that day, was that everything was either papers, boxes, or bagged up trash. So at least I didn't have to wash my car. Also, at least the dumpster didn't tip all the way over and smash my car. After calming down a bit, I grabbed some of the trash that had been left behind and started tossing it into the open dumpster about ten feet away from me. Once I had gotten most of the trash out of the way, I made my way back to the car, and drove home.

A few minutes passed, and I was back home to my cozy little apartment. Ready to spend my weekend at home, on the couch, and catching up on some television. After locking the door to my car, I decided to check my car once more for any bits of garbage that I might have missed. Checking the car, I wound up finding a rather odd surprise on my back windshield. On it, lying comfortably on the small windshield wiper, was a 13x9 professionally taped box. I picked it up, and sure enough it wasn't empty. I looked at the box all around, to see if there where any markings or writing on the box, but there was none. Curious, I took it up stairs with me and brought it inside my home. I placed the box on my kitchen counter and grabbed a small box cutter from one of my drawers. I then opened up the box to find a thick script. A bit anticlimactic, but it was better than a dead cat. I grabbed at the scripts and took a look at the front cover.

Back at the Barnyard

Season 3 Episode 1:

"Operation Barnyard"

This was certainly an interesting piece. I myself used to watch this show a lot as a kid, so finding this was honestly a blessing to me. I was a bit curious to know how, or why for that matter, someone would take the time to throw away a perfectly good script. I decided to take some time ( two weeks to be more specific) to actually read and memorize this piece word of word. However, due to some time constraints and to keep this story short. I'll describe it as if I was actually watching the episode itself on TV.

The episode began with the usual intro and theme music, but with the animals all locking themselves in their barn with random pieces of wood that displayed the names of the writers, animators, and the creator himself Steve Oederek. After about two seconds, the title card then showed up. The background of the title card was a darkened laboratory interior with Mrs. Beady in all black gear, with a cord holding her up, and a few weapons on a black belt (a baseball bat, smoke bombs, and an earwax gun with both tubes lodged in Mrs. Beady's ears, to be specific). She also donned a very expensive looking pair of night vision goggles. The right side of the card had all the animals huddled together in fear. After a few seconds of the title card, the episode then began. Act One begin with Otis and the rest of the gang all gathered around the backyard of Mrs. Beady's home. Otis was sitting on top of a the farmer's tractor, ready to crank it up. Supposedly, they were going to prank Mrs. Beady by waking her from her mid afternoon nap. Not a really creative prank, but I guess it was okay. Otis then started a countdown from five, with the others joining in after five. After the countdown, Otis then cranked up the tractor, and hit the horn button (which it had for some reason) hard. The sound of a blaring horn then had the camera cut to the inside of Mrs. Beady's room, where she screamed at the sudden loud noise and jumped out of her bed in fright. The camera then cut back to all the animals laughing hysterically at their little "joke". Their laughing was then abruptly cut short by Mrs. Beady literally bursting open the back door with her foot. All the animals then turned their heads to see a rather horrific sight. Mrs. Beady stepped closer towards the animals, her body was covered with a large bathrobe, her face was covered with a green face mask, her hair was moving in all different directions like Medusa on speed, and her eyes literally had fire jutting out of them in fury.

"Hey. Uh Beady. Why not go and make yourself not look like a scary underwater demon?" Otis said in a weirded-out voice.

Mrs. Beady said nothing for about three seconds, before screaming and lunging herself at all the animals in a mixture of rage and insanity.

"Guys, get on the tractor NOW!" Otis said as he and others hopped on the tractor and drove off. This didn't stop Mrs. Beady, however, as she jumped a long distance from her yard all the way on to the tractor. As she jumped on, Mrs. Beady started attacking Otis with her bare hands, causing him to not be able to look at the road. All the while, the other animals tried desperately to get the psychotic woman off of him. While all this was happening, the scene cut to all of them leaving the Barnyard and heading straight into town. While driving past the onlooking pedestrians, whose mouths were agape at what they were seeing, the tractor finally came to a stop after crashing into a random pickle cart, causing everyone on it to fly off the tractor and into the road. Finally, Mrs. Beady was then taken off of Otis by Abby.

"Am I okay, did she eat my ear?!" Otis was saying frantically.

Abby then checked Otis out, and reassured him that he was fine. Otis then gave a sigh of relief before laughing. This was cut short after he saw that everyone was looking at them.

"Milk me!" Otis said fearfully.

Mrs. Beady then calmed herself down, only to see everyone staring at them, including the mayor himself. She then smiled widely as the truth had finally came to light.

"I told you so!" she said to everyone before turning to the now terrified animals and whispering the same phrase to them as well.

At this time, Otis and others tried to run away from the crowd of people looking at them, but were then apprehended by Animal Control, violently shoving all of them to the ground, and chaining the group in different ways, before being placed in cages and put into a large vehicle. Once the vehicle had driven off, everyone then started apologizing profusely to Mrs. Beady for calling her crazy.

Act two involved Mrs. Beady being mentioned on the news by Hilly Burfert. Then a Montage of at least ten different scenes showed in thirty second intervals; one scene of Mrs. Beady on a talk show, another scene involving the animals being locked in separate experimental "cells", then another with Mrs. Beady getting the key to the city for some reason, and another to the animals being given electric shock therapy, and so on and so forth.

Act Three started with the transition of a silhouettes of Otis dancing across the screen. Then it showed Mrs. Beady sitting on a rocking chair outside her house. She is seen drinking lemonade and relaxing. Apparently, she had been animal free for the past week and a half. She commented on how nice it was, and how it was nice for her to get some time by herself for once. This of course, led Beady to her thoughts. At first, it was peaceful, but then it stated showing small clips of the animals all being tortured in some way. This continued to happen for a portion of the scene before Beady finally snaps out of her daydream. After taking a deep breath, she then heard crying in the background. She then went to see who it was, only to discover the farmer sitting on his porch. Mrs. Beady then asked what the matter. And the farmer went on a huge rant about how she had ruined his life, and how she had taken away his "family" from him. This caused Mrs. Beady to become guilty at what she had done, and then she vowed to save the animals. The screen then transitioned to all of the animals' silhouettes running across the screen. Then it show the Animal control laboratory. She was dressed in all black. While action music played in the background. She then went and quietly freed all of the animals from their cages, and carefully smuggled them into her car, not before taking a sticky bomb and blowing the place to kingdom come. She then brought all the animals back to the Barnyard, and apologized heavily for what she did to them. The episode then concluded with a group hug.

Back at the Barnyard Lost Episode

Back at the Barnyard Lost Episode

Now, I do apologize if this episode seemed dumb, or not that exciting. I had to condense the actual episode down a few notches, before I could tell you my experience. However, I still have the script. If I have time, I might just share it with the world.

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