Okay, listen, this just happened today, and, I am really scared. Okay, so I'll tell you what happened.

I was bored, nothing to do, just playing about on my DS. So, I decided to play a bit of Pokemon. I put in my Pokemon White card, and started to play. I had completed the main story, so I was just fishing about the grass getting XP. While I was doign this, a trainer come over to me and said '...'. Confused, I pressed A, but he kept saying the same thing. Nothing. Losing patience, I started to repeatedly press A. Then...he said '... It is time...' He challenged me to a battle. In it, he acted like a roughneck, but his sprite was a sad, forlorn looking face with him just standing there. Before he attacked, a line of dialogue popped up at the bottom: 'Please no.' This wasn't normal. In a moment he sent out something that I will never forget.

'Roughneck sent out BRUTAL!'

A bloodied, horrifying sprite of a Rhydon appeared. It's eyes had been gouged out and it was tipping over like a zombie. I had no choice but to battle it, as I already knew. There was no running from a trainer battle. I sent out my Scrafty. When I sent him out, he stood their for 5 seconds until his sprite turned into a face of fear and disgust. Scrafty turned to face me and said.

'Please, not this.'

Seemed like the sprites were actually programmed to turn around and face me in this situation. This was really creeping me out by now. Got worse. I was able to reply back. I got some options. I chose the one that said 'I'm sorry.'

What a mistake.

The Rhydon, then, without a warning, charged at my Scrafty and impaled him in the ribcage with his bloody horn. I could hear Scrafty's cry in a distorted, backwards wave, as though Scrafty was screaming in pain. Blood was dripping out of Scrafty's mouth. He started to cry. Tears rolled down his face. BRUTAL, as his name appeared to be, went back to his side of the battlefield before my Scrafty fell on the grass. The sprites were horrific at this point. The blood seemed real enough. I was still perplexed at how these sprites had appeared in this game.

Then it...said this...

'Scrafty died.'

I shuttered and flinched so hard I nearly backflipped.

I was panicking and hyperventilating. I looked at BRUTAL. He had become even more mangled and bloody. My trainer sprite looked depressed. I realized that this horrid thing was going to kill all my Pokemon. Stupidly, I tried Zekrom for a fighting chance.

I sent out Zekrom. To my surprise, he looked as scared as I had expected. He was as horrified as Scrafty. He turned around and begged quickly.

'No, no.'

I had the chance to say something to Zekrom. I knew if I said I'm sorry he would die again. So I said 'Battle him!'

'BRUTAL used fling!'

BRUTAL threw an oval stone at my Zekrom. It bounced off Zekrom's head. It caused him to start bleeding. He fell over, barely stood and faced me. His head cracked open. He looked at me in sorrow and fear. He stopped begging. He bled from his mouth, shouting a backwards, distorted cry like Scrafty's. Only this time more intense.

'Zekrom died.'

I started to cry. What kind of game was this? I had enough of it and pulled out the card.

I put it back in.

I was not met with the Game Freak logo, but a sad scene of my trainer crying at 2 tombstones. My other pokemon (Snivy, Gallade, Gengar and Weavile) were crying with him. I was then able to walk around the graveyard. I talked to each of my Pokemon. They replied with:

Snivy: Why.

Gallade: It shouldn't be this way.

Gengar: No. No.

Weavile: So soon.

I turned off my DS. Well, tried. But I couldn't. Then I heard the BRUTAL cry.

I was put in another battle. It was all my pokemon against BRUTAL again. I saw each Pokemon had a move called 'End it.' Out of curiosity - hoping that this would save the lives of the animals - I picked it.

'Snivy used End it!'

Snivy put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. Blood splattered across BRUTAL and the other pokemon. His corpse lay there on the ground.

'BRUTAL used Apology!'

I'm sorry.

I then picked a normal move for Gallade to use. But instead...

'Gallade used 'End it!'

Gallade sliced his neck with his blades. More blood splattered on my surrounding Pokemon, and on BRUTAL, and on me, and the other trainer. The remaining two of my Pokemon started to cry again. A painful cry,l sounding like they always would, except now they're crying. BRUTAL stood, hunched, evil, bloodied.

I knew exactly what would happen next. So I had to do it.

'Gengar used 'End it'!'

Gengar took out a knife that was hidden behind his back. He cut open his stomach. He started spewing out blood. Weavile looked in horror. I was so scared I felt like curling in the corner and locking my eyes closed....and locking my eyes dead...

Weavile then looked angry. He picked up Snivy's gun and started to fire at BRUTAL. The sprite was totally engaged in the firing. The bullets made BRUTAL bleed more than he had before.

'BRUTAL used 'Its over'!'

BRUTAL charged at Weavile, knocking him over and started drilling into his stomach. Weavile was screaming in pain as he attempted to punch the Rhydon. Weavile lost power and eventually just gave in. Blood was all over the floor. BRUTAL then stood straight. BRUTAL curb-stomped Weavile turning his head into a bloody mush.

I snapped my DS in half. I was shaking. What the fuck happened to my game? It was perfect! What was BRUTAL?

That leads me to here today, why Rhydon is my least favourite pokemon. I don't mean I dislike them. I mean I want to tear the hornes off of all those fuckers and watch them bleed to death.

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