This is a continuation of BEN Drowned, taken from the perspective of Matt.

I'm Matt, and you might know me from being tagged in Jadusable's videos. Well, there's a reason I've been tagged into his videos: Ben added them. I thought he couldn't get into the tags, but he did. I was Jadusable's roommate, and ever since I got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I've had similar problems as him. I got the game online for a very low price, and I wanted to replay my favorite childhood game. After a few days, the game arrived and the first thing I noticed upon looking at the cartridge was that it had a sticked-on label attached to it, reading "BOB's", but I disregarded this and got out my Nintendo 64. When I put it in, the game the title screen glitched out and I was already fighting what looked like the Elegy of Emptiness statue, but a little different. It was taller, and had red-blond hair. Its face was a little more wided out, too, and its hat was slightly longer. Then a text box came up:

"DoNT drOwn..."

This was followed by other lines of giberish which didn't seem to end. I took out the cartridge and blew the dust out. And then everything worked just fine. But then I looked on my computer, and a website called Evie came up. It was similar to Cleverbot, but it showed a woman who wore the Happy Mask Salesman's face. I tried closing the window, and turning off his computer, but nothing worked. I typed into the chat:

User: Who is this?

Evie: Me.

User: Answer the question. Or are you a bot?

Evie: I'm not a bot.

User: Well then how the fuck did you open this window?

Evie: I'll ask the questions.


Evie: Bob.

User: Bob? The guy who's name is on my cartridge?

Evie: Yes.

User: Why the fuck are you on my computer?

Evie: You brought me here.

User: What are you talking about/

Evie: Play the game.

User: No. Are you trying to act like the thing that was terrorizing my roommate? I guess you reading about what he wrote, weren't you?

Evie: I'm Ben's brother.

User: Great, now get off.

Evie: If that will make you feel safer.

(the window is closed)

Throughout the week, the statue I saw when playing OOT has been appearing on my computer when it shouldn't. It's been on ads, images, and sometimes randomly on websites. I don't feel safe. I get back on to Evie.

User: Bob?

Evie: Yes?

User: If you are really Ben's brother, why are you here? Why not Ben?

Evie: He is busy with Jadusable.

User: Jadusable killed himself.

Evie: Yes.

User: So why isn't Ben here?

Evie: You just don't want to listen to me. I told you, he is busy with Jadusable.

(the window is closed)

...What? Busy with Jadusable? I don't get what that means. I get back onto Evie.

User: You aren't making sense. Explain who you are

Evie: Bob, his older brother.

User: How did ben drown?

Evie: We both drowned.

User: How?

Evie: The father.

User: The father?

Evie: Yes.

User: What father? Why didn't ben tell this to Jadusable?

Evie: It was reserved for another.

(The window is closed.)

And now I get it. "It's reserved for another." Me.
Ben drowned id by hiroyukithesexy-d2z5htc
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