Have you ever played that game made by National Geographc named Animal Jam? Most of you have's a pretty decent MMO for kids, well, that was until I found its inner core, the true reavealing of what is supposed to be a kids game...

I was on the Nile server, inside my friend's den, talking about random encounters like Trade Parties or some new fad like hamster pets and shit. Then my friend told me about the "unknown user" glitch. If you search a name like "John" or "America", a wireframe of a tiger will appear with no buttons to be able to interact with, I found this a bit strange, but I realized it might have been the staff...Oh God was I wrong.

I searched lots of names, any I knew until I came to one last one, "Kuchsie". I saw it had the same glitch thing, but you could only visit his den. I went into it, and I found it so unsettling.

Inside, the place was full of feast tables, but no food was there, instead, organs and body parts were spread across, the wallpaper were pictures of mortifying animals, being hunted down...brutally. Poachers skinning tigers, cows getting slaughtered, a man executing a potter chick and other unimaginable horrors of animal brutality.

The worst was the single sign present inside the centre of the room, something that reminds me about a little thing that teachs about nature. It explained everything...

"National Geographic, Animal Torture".

I saw another animal, a tiger named "Kuchsie". He had the evil eye and red hues over him, I welpt as he said to me a few words that shuddered me to the bone as I am typing this "I ylno tnaw a dneirf" as I heard a howl as my wolf fell into a sleep animation except with a pixelated blood pool.

"I only want a friend..."

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