Slenderman opened the tent to find that the group of teenagers whom he had been stalking were now dead. And in the far corner was a skinny teenager in a white hoodie and black pants, tearing chunks of flesh from the severed arm of one of them with sharp teeth. His skin was pure white, there were black rings around his eyes, and his mouth was impossibly wide. There was no mistake about it; this was Jeff the Killer. And he had beaten The Operator to his prize.

Enraged, Slenderman tore the tent to peices with his tendrils. Before Jeff could react, Slenderman knocked him onto the ground with a hyper-extended punch. Jeff fumbled for his knife and tried to fight back, but Slenderman pinned him to a tree.

Slenderman jabbed his tendrils deep into Jeff's back in an attempt to peirce his organs and kill him. But Jeff didn't die. In fact, he wasn't feeling pain at all. He had the odd sensation of energy trickling into his body.

When Slenderman noticed that nothing was happening, he released the boy. He assumed he had merely missed his vital organs and readied his tendrils again.

An unexpected reaction story by laserpotato-d5yoj4z

Jeff noticed that his pants and hoodie now felt tighter. What just happened? He looked down and saw that he was no longer skinny. His muscles had grown significantly and were starting to fill out his once-loose hoodie. And he felt...stronger. Much stronger. How DID this happen? All he could remember is that Slenderman had stuck his tendrils in him and he had felt something flow into him.

That thought was interrupted by a piercing sensation in his back. Jeff felt energy trickling into him again. Then he put it all together. He somehow now had the ability to draw energy from Slenderman's tendrils into himself.

Jeff, taking advantage of his newly-discovered ability, started draining power from The Operator at a rapid pace. Slenderman realized something was wrong as he slowly grew weaker and tried to disengage his tendrils, but the force of Jeff's siphoning was just too strong.

As he drained more energy from Slenderman, Jeff's muscles swelled further. An amazing rush of power surged through his whole body, and his hoodie, which was once comfortably loose, started to rip apart from the strain of his increasing bulk. His pants were doing the same, thanks to his now Herculean leg muscles.

Jeff stopped draining, and looked down at his body again. Slenderman was hacking and wheezing. His suit was now slightly greyer, and his body was shaking. "PLEASE...NO MORE...LET ME GO..." he pleaded. It had come to this; he was bowing down to a mortal. But it was either this or possibly face death. He crawled toward the now-enormous youth and weakly grasped his ankle with his claws. "I'LL LEAVE YOU ALONE...I'LL DO ANYTHING...JUST...STOP..." Jeff ignored his pleas, and kicked him in the head. The Operator released his ankle, and fell to the ground again, twitching.

With that rude interruption taken care of, Jeff went back to admiring his glorious new body. He flexed a bicep, and it strained his sleeve. He could distinctly hear fibers rip. He felt the muscle with his other hand, and even through the thick cotton he could tell it was hard as steel. Ah, marvelous. With his flawless white skin, gorgeous face, and new godlike physique, he was truly a work of art. He was even more beautiful than before.

He could have taken the tendrils out of his back and left then, but then he had a thought. Why stop here? If he were as strong as Slenderman, he would be truly unstoppable. He could destroy entire cities with his might. He wouldn't have to bother with stalking people and killing them one at a time, he could crush them all at once. He liked this idea. Yes...YES! He needed to have more of this power! MORE!

"YES! This's incredible! I...MUST...HAVE...MORE!"

The birth of god jeff by laserpotato-d5yrxbs

His eyes turned blood-red, and his grin became even more distorted. What few shreds of human emotion were left in his already-disturbed mind vanished, and were replaced by a surging hunger. He no longer even remembered Liu. All that mattered was power. More power.

Jeff was no longer human. He was...a beast.

Slenderman doubled over in pain and clutched his chest as the draining started again. "YES! MORE POWER! BIGGER...STRONGER!" roared Jeff as his hoodie and pants ripped off like tissue paper under the strain of his growth, revealing rippling, bulging rock-hard muscles. He continued to grow, towering over even the suffering Slenderman, and loomed high over the trees of the forest.


Slenderman was barely alive now. His suit was ashen-gray and his limbs had lost all their elasticity, looking and feeling like long, brittle twigs. Jeff ripped his tendrils out of his back, plucked him out by his collar, and held him in front of his face. Slenderman managed to gather the strength to lift his head to look at his tormenter, and quickly wished he hadn't.

Jeff was now a 40-foot-tall, freakishly muscular titan. And there was something...WRONG about his face. It could have been the fact that his carved grin had somehow gotten even wider and more sadistic-looking, but it was probably more due to the fact that his eyes were glowing bright red. "AWWWW, OUT OF JUICE ALREADY?" he said in a voice that sounded like thunder booming. "WELL, I KNOW YOU HAVE BROTHERS. THEY WILL GIVE ME *MORE* POWER! I WILL SOON BE THE STRONGEST BEING IN THE UNIVERSE! I SHALL BE A GOD, EVEN GREATER THAN ZALGO HIMSELF! HAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Slendy up a tree by laserpotato-d5ysn5g

Jeff took Slenderman to the tallest, mightiest tree in the forest and tied his tendrils to the top branch. "SORRY TO LEAVE YOU *HANGING*, SLENDY, BUT I HAVE SOME MORE FEEDING TO DO. I THINK I'LL START WITH THAT FRUITY ONE WITH THE TOP HAT. HAHAHAHA!!!" He walked away, his footsteps causing the earth to shake.

Slenderman had to get out of here. He had to alert his Proxies and the other Slendermen. If they couldn't find a way to stop Jeff, the universe was doomed...

Written by Furbearingbrick
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