It was my first day on the job here in the Empire. Our leader sent my squadron to a place unknown to me with plenty a hills. Our job was shoot anything that moved and wasn't one of us. I was sent to look around to see if the traps were set correctly. After a few minutes of inspection, I looked for a high place to look for my squadron's leader. I eventually found him, and started heading towards him to let him know about the traps, but before I got halfway to my team, there was a flash, and half of my squadron was gone with nothing left but scattered wires and scrap metal.

I went back to the Empire's battleship to inform our leader of what happened. He was not happy by any stretch of the imagination. He said that blurry creature has been our enemy for a longer time than I've been active. I calmed him down by informing him that whatever that thing was, it still had to get through three more regions of the world before becoming a real threat. The leader told me to tell the guys on the control deck to get the cannons ready.

After that, I was assigned to a new squadron and was placed in the front lines of battle. I couldn't get a good look at the strange thing that killed my previous team, but it seemed to have spikes. Once again, I was spared. I told the head honcho what happened, and he was almost more furious than last time.

I took a look at the surveillance cameras our boss had set up everywhere to see if I could get a good look at what this thing was. When I found out, it was probably one of the most surprising things I had ever seen. It wasn't a demon, or a soldier, or anything like that. In fact, it was nothing more than a mere hedgehog.

Written by P1r6t30fr0ck.

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