You ever feel like you're being watched? We all had that feeling ever since we were little kids, always screwing around and all that. The truth is, we aren't alone. We're never alone, and I'll try to explain.

There is a devil inside all of us, feeding on our negative thoughts, and growing stronger inside. I'll call it Umbra for right now. Eventually, we end up... losing control of our way of thinking, and just jump randomly to shout an answer.

I'll tell you my experience with this devil within me.

It was August of 2011, and my birthday was only a month away. At the time, I was 16, I had a lot of friends, I attended a good school, got well balanced education, etc. There was something I wanted for my birthday though.

That would be a proper visit to my doctor. I told my father that I have been having strange dreams out of nowhere, and sometimes I couldn't be woken up at all until 6:00 AM EST.

Isaac disliked me for whatever reason. He always found a way to be a smartass to everyone in the school, and I bet a lot of you also have smartass friends. All we can do is sit and watch them bicker with their siblings or cousins in the school.

I always had the urge to act like a complete dumbass, but instead I end up doing the exact opposite. I act like a demonic asshole from most of the horror movies I have watched. Isaac started referring to me as Demon-boy or Red-eyes, since I had an unusual eye color: Crimson.

One day, Isaac crossed the line and got me pissed to the point of where I couldn't control myself. I punched Isaac in the head, and bashed his skull with another common bully named Steven. I grabbed Isaac by the neck, and started to choke him to death. I heard that dreaded announcements bell.

I let go of Isaac, and went straight to the front office. I explained what had happened, even the outburst that I had. The Principal threatened to call my father, and oh boy do I hate when administrators call my father. They always mention my middle name, Sukuzi. I got insanely lucky to be released when my principal got an urgent call.

I couldn't bear the pressure I felt in this hell called "school". I often times hallucinated on my walk home while talking to friends. Maybe I would see Greek mythological creatures staring at me, and other times I would think that the sun is eclipsed by the moon. It scares me to think about the incident, but here I am bringing that up.

When I got home, my mother told me to get in the car, so I could see a proper doctor. I thought to myself. Oh boy. I'm getting my wish earlier than I expected, but I was wrong right there. She took me to a doctor who specialized in insanity.

They don't call him Dr. Wacko-Ivan-Nutso for nothing. The guy was slightly smaller than me, and acted kinda crazy which made me wonder how he even got the job. His voice was like that of a clown you would expect to hear in a circus probably.


I got hit in the head, and injected, or at least that's what my mom told me. The doctor was nowhere to be found, yet I could hear him chuckling somewhere. A voice called out, and told me I was cured. Good riddance of a curse.

To this day, I haven't taken violent action in a long time, and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible. Isaac also learned a little something-or just got scared shitless to even try to stand up to me. Steven was just the same as he was.


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