Before I start, I just want to tell you, that telling this story was not an easy decision to make. You see, over the past couple of days, I have been suffering from horrible nightmares, hissing noises, and severe anxiety from a game I used to play as a child. And I believe that it came from the entity that I plan to expose in this particular story. However, I cannot see him, as it seems to hide out of sight. But I can feel his presence, since I can hear noises coming from the basement, through the attic, and up on the rooftop, as I’m writing this. I know, I know, I probably should have done something more useful, like destroy the cartridge. But, with the entity backing me into a corner, I feel as though I have no choice. So I will tell different chunks of the story, each summarizing the events that folded throughout my time playing the game, while I can still keep my distance…

This story is actually the story of (...what used to be…) Godzilla Monster War for the SFC. I pirated the game just so you know. Anyway, Godzilla Monster War, was a japanese exclusive SNES game in which you guide either godzilla or any other kaiju from the godzilla movies, through a fighting tournament filled with destruction, assimilation, and everything that made Kaiju so rad. Anyway, this game was a hit with audiences, but was never released in the US, leaving that country to live off of the mediocre Godzilla games they got. However, that was, unless they pirated the game, which like I said, is exactly what I did. You see, pirating games used to be the perfect solution to getting games that you couldn’t get otherwise, whether it’d be because of money, or the restrictions your parents have on your age demographic. However, It also proved corrosive to the companies who made the game, as the people who pirated games were taking advantage of their sell, without adding to their revenue. So, they started punishing those people. And I happened to have come across the punishment for Monster War … THIS game. But how the entity got here? I don't know, and I don't care.


So, how did this all start? Well, to answer that particular question, we'll have to go back those 3 weeks to the year annual garage sale. Now usually, I wouldn't care much about it, as there was nothing at home that I didn't find precious to me. However, I did have plans this year, because I saw this as my chance to return something that I forgot to give back after a WHOLE MONTH. You see, back in July, I asked my friend if I could borrow a book to read that I liked. The reason I asked was because I wanted to do something other than playing video games, or simply just lying around and doing ... nothing. Of course, being the LOYAL friend that he was, he agreed, and I took an "Artemis Fowl" book, promising to give it back in 3 DAYS. So there I was, digging through my drawers to find that book. Here's how that went:

"(What do you know... I already found it... and ...OMG!! It's Godzilla...Monster of Monsters.=( Ugh!! What a delightfully repugnant game." Just so you know, I was talking about the NES Godzilla...It doesn't matter to the story. Heck, It's not even PART of this story ... why am I talking about it?! Anyway, it did spark an interest in me. "Hmm... mabye I better keep looking through that drawer." So I did, and I found it. A flash drive, lying under a keyboard. I had previously used it to pirate a game for my brother to play on his laptop. "Hey... wait a second. Mabye... mabye I could do it again)." I would've gladly done it -- later. First, my friend's house.

After the garage sale ended, I was back at my house. During the visit, I had completely forgot about the flash drive. I remembered it as soon as my eyes set on it, and then quickly put it to use. I was searching for games that I had on the flash drive to play (Most of which were SNES titles, since I was more familiar with that console). "Hmm... nothing special. Guess I should pick randomly." I closed my eyes and scrolled randomly, and then stopped after a while. The cursor was hovering over a file for a game. One that I never owned before. It was a Godzilla game. I thought it was interesting, because I thought I already had Super Godzilla. But this seemed different. And then I realized, this was the Japanese Godzilla game. Boy was I happy. I just had to play it. And so, I clicked on it. And that is where our story begins...

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