On March 17, 2006, a resident in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma found a piece of paper lying outside of his neighbor's house in the downtown area of the state...

The Poem

Going back to when I was about 10

In 5th grade, way back when

I was lazy, in every way

So I was late, everyday

You said I´d be late on a daily basis

Said I´d care more about an oasis

You thought I didn't care at all

Not very aware, I didn't compare at all

Well, now I'm here to say your wrong

Now I´m faster than the fog

Faster than the speed of light

Enough to outrun the fastest flight

Now, I speed across the halls

Making the wicked want to stick to walls

Now, when I play with a soccer ball

My opponents crash and fall

Unfortunately, this comes with many cheats

Such as the inability to control my feet

There is also a risk of collision

That could be the result of blurry vision

But still, I always know

That my motif clearly shows

A tragedy that struck that day

Horrific, if it may

On the morning of August, 2004

I never knew that I would have to mourn

Once I set foot in the door

What could I say, anything more?

You were lying there, deep at rest

Your problems had the best

The image was soon nevermore

But it was hard to ignore

I was slow, not fast

And if I made it, you’d past

But I guess that’s my mistake

For me to make you wait

You have found a new home in the sky

I never thought you’d float that high

Ever since then, I have moved on

Promising never to be late, for that is a con

I feel happy, now that God gave me this power

It is the reason I feel great, every hour

And every time I remember your fate

I will always coop, for I am no longer late

I miss you, mom...


This poem was written by then 17 year old Taja Saraf, who is now an adopted son of couple Jonathan and Maurice Simmone. The boy was seemingly orphaned, after a tragic accident involving his single mother, Aisha, and another man of an unknown identity. Taja currently lives in Arizona, where he has attended Salpointe Catholic High School in Tucson. The choice of school was made by the boy, because of his consistent claims of having been gifted with incredible speed, the source of which being ¨God.¨ While some have denounced this as flattery, suggesting that Taja was suffering from a case of ¨High Speed Syndrome,¨ others, most significantly the catholic community, preach the Old Testament. Neither knows the true origin of such a condition in this person. As for the man from that day In August, 2004, his whereabouts are currently being investigated...

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